Tank Treads. Worth it??

Are tank treads worth it to make a robot with as i have some but i dont know if i should use them or omni directional wheels?

Definitely omnis. They will give you a much quicker and more responsive drive. There are reasons why literally no one uses tank treads for a drive.

what is a tank drive useful for then?

Conveyor belt systems, like a lot of people used them for their ball intake systems last year for nothing but net, as well as the cube intakes from sky rise

Note that “tank drive” refers to a control method between the joystick and robot chassis. Left stick (forward and back) controls left side of chassis (forward and back;) right stick similarly controls the right side of the chassis. With tank drive, you can spin in place by pushing one stick forward and the other back, causing the drive to spin in opposite directions.

Tank treads are the road-cleats-on-a-drive-chain devices which wrap around special drive sprockets, creating a long continuous set of surfaces in contact with the ground.

Tank treads on your drive chassis are used for the same reasons they are in full size vehicles: For increased contact area. That is useful for load spreading, such as is needed to climb obstacles and span voids. The cost of the increased load spreading is much higher friction. Not terribly useful in this year’s game.

Yep. In Vex they tend to be really slow and don’t add anything that omni-wheels can’t. Back in toss up I experimented with one of these drives to get over the bump; ended up that wheels were better.

It’s hard for me to imagine a VEX game playable in our current field confines with a reasonably affordable and durable field set where tank treads would confer a benefit.

But, since I am not an imaginitive game designer, I admit that such a game might exist. Could even be next year’s game for all I know. But I personally lack the creativity to forsee such a game.

@Karthik this sounds like a personal challenge

Oh no… I dont want a beach battle… imagine the mess… :stuck_out_tongue:

Dday simulator, vex eddition

…with something like this year’s stars as caltrops…

I hate the game already. So, how to do this…

Everytime somone proposes a game idea, i always get the thought that @Karthik is sitting at his desk like… They figurered it out

sorry not tank drive tank treads