Tank Treads

What do you prefer when using tanktread designs tanktread or HS chain

My team uses HS chain instead of the standard tank tread chain. I’m not sure how significant the weight is, but with how much chain we use, it cuts back on at least a small amount of weight, and seems to perform just as well as the standard tank-tread chain

Our team has very little high strength chain, so all of our designs are built to the limits of the low strength chain. We tend to just use tank tread for lifting mechanisms. Hopefully this will change when we receive more funding.

cant you just cut the sides off the tank tread so they can be used pretty much as chain?
(in tight squeeze places)

Yes, but then it cannot bend in the opposite direction very well.

ahh, i see
and my team tends to wrap chain in a crazy fashion on the drive…

I assume you could spend countless hours trimming every last piece of the tread off. Yet, if time is money, then it might just be cheaper to get HS chain.

I know this definitely isn’t how I would want to spend my time…that would be rough. Just get the HS.