Tank with Fork lift

Having fun with tank track and with gear set to make a forklift, my 6 year old son and I spend two evenings trying to design from scratch. Without forklift really good crawler only change from picture lower the brain a notch or two down to lower the center gravity a little bit more, set up for low speeds high torque. For the Forklift we slowed the motor speed to 50 in Robot C, a lot of taking pieces apart to get this right plus sore thumbs. Enjoy!




That looks great! Do you have a video of the forklift mechanism? I’d love to see it move.

= Xander

For the Video of the improved forklift in Action I had one of my kids, do the video for me

Wow, it lifts very quickly! Nice job. Thanks for sharing that video.

= Xander

That is a really awesome video! Lifting 9 inches is pretty impressive!