Is their a way to add the VEX Forums to tapatalk since moving from vBullitin? Not only is it more convenient on a mobile device, I much prefer tapatalk’s interface.

esoTalk does not have an API or RSS feed at this point. So I am not sure how Tapatalk would communicate with the vexforum esoTalk server.

esoTalk is a PHP based local kind of interaction and I am not sure there is anything exposed for an app like Tapatalk can interact with. So we may be out of luck.


Inside EsoTalk you can do a bunch but outside of it I am not so sure. The ETConversationController I think is what you want to get all the conversations but that is PHP that would have had to authenticate and talk to the back end database.


There is hope… Flarum

EsoTalk’s next generation will have an API - Flarum. That should be good for a mobile app. Not sure when it will come out. (if ever, you never know with these things)


Commit activity low these days :frowning: