Tape for vex over under field setup?

as the sole field builder for my team of about 8 sub teams I would like to know where does the white tape that comes with the field go?

thank you for any help

You can go to step 32/33 at this interactive build instructions website. Over Under Field Assembly


I don’t remember using any tape when I set up our field. I don’t know what it could be for. Are you sure it came with the field?


yeah it came with the box Now that I think of it it is thread seal tape

It is the neutral zone tape.


What do you mean by neutral zone?

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There is a double white line that spilts the field in half from goal to goal. Then there is an offset single line on either site that defines the neutral zone.

It is not thread seal tape. According to the game manual you are allowed to use white electrical tape or the official tape you get from vex.

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It’s white vinyl (electrical) tape: Google

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@Potatos Neutral Zone – One of two areas of the field bordered by white tape lines, and the field perimeter. The Neutral Zone is defined as the gray foam tiles themselves; it is not a 3-dimensional volume.
This image calls out the boundaries of the Neutral Zone
A top view of the VRC Over Under field


Thank you so much for this answer It has helped