Tape line clarification

Since I cannot access the Q & A until my new budget opens in September, I’ll post this here:

The renders in the game manual show tape lines that match the field tile teeth of the field i purchased in 2016, but not the tiles i purchased in 2017. How should teams make the adjustment?

Are you referring to how the tile teeth are inverted on older tile sets than newer tile sets? If that is the only difference, it shouldn’t matter with regard to the tape lines. The tape is applied onto the tiles to the inside of the teeth. The only thing the inverted teeth will affect is the corners of the expansion zone. The game manual shows it running long on one side to show that it is OK and even advisable to wrap the tape around the tile edge to ensure it stays secure. The extra tooth width of tape on the red side or blue side (whichever side it ends up on depending on your tile type) won’t change the size of the expansion zone.

If what I am describing is not the difference you are referring to, please explain or provide pictures.

I’ve been wondering for a while, why did they change the tooth direction?