Tape on competition field.

I am looking for a reason the white tape is on the field?
It seems that i have never seen a team use the white tape or do something with a sensor activate it.
If anyone out there can point me in the right direction that would be GREAT

…It’s used as a visual indicator on where the zones are? It would be hard to eyeball the tile placement with the teeth, so the tape is there to help reffing be easier.

Actually you can use the tape for line tracking with the right programming. Some teams used the 5-point tape in ITZ to line themselves up perfectly (if you were around then). This can be especially useful in auton to be super precise.

In ITZ we used the tape to line up on the 5point and to line up at the driver loads

It’s primarily for line trackers, and some teams have used it that way to great effect. https://youtu.be/rqovGM8Tl7Q