Tape question

Hello forumers…
I have a question about tape legality. I know what R7f and R10 say about the legal uses of tape but I have a safety question. With expansions launching heavy metal objects are you allowed to use tape on it to ‘dampen’ the surface so it doesn’t like hurt people by accident? (I guess it could technically fall under R10E?)
Just asking to clarify.

Henry 344E

That would probably be illegal

Illegal use of tape. Tape is specifically reserved for wire management.

Now if you are clever, there are two products you can used - adhesive foam strips, hook and loop cinch and adhesive, anti slip mat,… zip ties… MacGyver it!


Okay, thank you!
I’ll definitely tinker with it.
I don’t want to almost break a tooth again. :sweat_smile:


ultimately be more careful when working on your robot, dont do work on it with the string launcher loaded and in your face. Treat it like a loaded gun. (unless in a match and it causes problems you should be behind the launcher and it should not leave the match arena.)


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