TBH Controller Tuning

Ok so I have a TBH controller on my single flywheel, full-court shooting robot and here’s the problem: I’ve calibrated a full-court shot to be at 2800 RPM, and when we feed a series of balls through, it’ll undershoot the first one, and lose speed (we see drops of as much as 700 RPM immediately after the shot), then the TBH controller will overcompensate and the next balls are shot at a higher speed consistently (at 3000-3100 RPM) and thus overshoot the net. The controller does get back to the correct speed, but not fast enough for a reliable shot. Any thoughts?

The controller I’m using actually has been modified to have two gains, one for positive error, and one for negative error that is much larger.

Pm me your code, i may be able to help

You may want to try just having one gain, it seems to work for the majority of teams using TBH