TBH Tweaking

In regards to TBH tuning and gain, how do you know when the gain is properly set? Ours is currrently .00027

Is a higher gain better or is lower gain better?
I have noticed if you immediately load another ball into our launcher after shooting, it will undershoot, as expected, but if you wait just a tad longer, it will overshoot. After just a little bit longer it settles back to the target velocity. Would I be correct in my assumption that the TBH is overcorrecting?
Is there a way I can prevent this while minimizing recovery time?
Also is the predicted drive the “start point” of the motor power level? How should I go about calculating it?

I personally have a large gain on my tbh to help it recover faster…and yes the tbh overshoots and then oscialtes around the target until it settles.

I found a high gain works better for fielding, and a low gain works better for shooting full field