Teachers Meeting at Worlds

I teach several high school courses using VEX robotics, and despite not having posted to the Vex in the Classroom forum before, I have looked at the forum many times and wished there was more activity on it (I know I can take responsibility for helping to change this). Being that many VEX teams are school based or affiliated in some way with a school(s), it is probably a fair assumption that many of the adults walking around at the World championship are teachers. I think it would be great to have a meeting place, perhaps with a preset meeting time(s) (possibly outside of competition hours), where teachers could come together and talk shop, particularly as it relates to robotics in the classroom. There have been times I come away from events, snapping my fingers and saying ‘darn it’, realizing that I was just with a good number of people that I could have made a better effort to network with. I would prefer not to do this in an airport in Florida while I board my plane to return home. Any thoughts from fellow teachers out there and/or VEX personnel?

If someone would take notes about best practices at the teacher meeting, it would be great to post it here.

  • or each teacher could type up their own best practices in advance, to give the note taker.
  • which means you might as well just post it here and now.

Here is one teacher issue, whats your approach to it?

  • How to maintain charged batteries for each class period?
    – Shouldn’t leave them on charger unattended overnight?
    – Need a “class-set” of batteries for each class period? Otherwise late periods always has discharged batteries…