Teaching people about Vex

As this season winds down, many of the seniors at my school are leaving (me being one of them), and want to leave our teams in good hands, with plenty of people to carry on the program. We don’t have that many freshman and sophomores involved, so we want to spread the word of the club to get them involved, and start teaching them about building and programming etc. Does anyone have any good presentations or resources for teaching people how to vex?

Make something they can interact with, like a four wheel drive, and then help them build one for themselves, this should get them engaged, give them a taste of vex

We typically will show off robots, do practice matching during our freshman orientation as well as open house, back to school night, and at fairs. It is a way to draw attention to the program and gauge interest.

My team will typically hold fundraiser and attend school hosted events with the robot to show it off to others and let them drive it if they want. We also go to middle schools and elementary school and talk so they will eventually join. You can see if there are any boy scout troops around and let them see what your doing so maybe they could join. That seemed to work for us.