Teaching VEX IQ Robotics help please

Hello all this is my first post. I am a VEX IQ Newbie teacher. To help me with learning here I am currently about half way through the process of Vex certification. Where I am asking for help is. Does anyone have any documentation or lessons that can be used to help first time teachers teaching first time middle school students ? I am trying to decide if it is better to start the students learning the coding or should I first have them Identifying the parts ? I am not sure as to where to start and continue to have the students get the most out of it. Thank you for ANY helps/comments/suggestions.

You can join our Facebook group for some free IQ curriculum. (1) IQ Masters | Facebook


Hi @BullDogs In addition to the resources that @gamania shared (and they are great), you can check out our free VEX IQ curriculum here: IQ | VEX Education

That curriculum is student facing - we do all of the direct instruction for you. There are also extensive teacher notes, pacing guides, standards alignment, and other resources all designed to help you get started.