Teaching vex iq

Hi, I am teaching middle school about VEX IQ but I dont know where to start. About building part. (Engineering, physics such as gear ratio and stuff…) Is there a document, or curriculum for this? I dont wanna just build a clawbot or a model and programme it. I want them to be able to create a uniqe robot for competitions as well. Any suggestions or documents?

See if there is anything here that interests you.

I’d also suggest becoming a VEX certified educator. It’s pretty easy and relatively quick, and opens the door to more resources.


We teach three levels of robotics. Our Beginning Robotics uses the Vex IQ curriculum and then does Highrise, Next Level and Squared Away in one semester. Our Intermediate Robotics students currently use Ringmaster, Crossover, Rise Above and Pitching In during a semester. The Advance Robotics group participates in the current challenge for the year.

Sorry I dont really know much about teaching but personally I would suggest to teach your students about the design process (like Identifying the Problem → Research → Brainstorm → Design → Prototype → Test → Repeat) and also teach them about engineering common sense (like the saying “steal from the best, work out the rest”).

And yes I would also recommend teaching them other physics related things like gear ratios, and leverage.