Team 1000

We, Team 1000, have been working hard for the last 2 months on completely new robots that we are very excited be taking to Dallas.


4 Motor 5:3 Vertical Tread Intake (3 Bar Linkage)
4 Motor 5:3 Drive
2 Motor 1:7 Lift

1 Whiteball
9 Footballs
25 Green Balls


2 Motor 5:3 Roller Intake
4 Motor 5:3 Drive
4 Motor 1:5 (4 Bar Linkage)

4 Footballs
2 White balls
12 Green balls
Can score reliably in the 18" goals

1000d has no current photos as of yet

Looks like your robots can’t deploy any minions. Sigh.

Team 1000 really updated their robots. Just out of curiosity, where is a 1000d?

Good luck at the world.

Oh you guys are going to the world? I misread your previous post. If you didn’t know, I am currently using a translator. I hope you have fun and do good things at the world. Maybe I will see you there, because my team is going too!!!

1000d has a completely new robot, but currently we do not have any photos of it.

Here we are! Please forgive me; we’re in the midst of packing and I just snapped this.

Some Stats:
5:3 Drive
1:1 Strafing
3:5 Basket
3:7 Arm/Scoop


of footballs: 4

of small balls: at least 10

Can pick up the white ball.

Im sorry but Team 627 made that first design concept at the original VEX Championship for Bridge Battle and made it to Quarter finals. We also had that same second design for Elevation. Great thought process though. Try working on the actual build of the designs, and make them sturdier.