Team 1031: 'Dreadnaught'

I just wanted to know what some people thought of my robot pics in the gallery. idk how to post a link but if you search dreadnaught or 1031 it should comoe up. its just in the robot section. I’m just looking for comments/opinions.

Thanks in advance,

I think its great woody :wink:

you’ve already seen it before josh =\

I like the gears being used for the arm. That should give it a pretty stable platform. Looks like 2:1 drive.

Does the black grippy stuff on the intake cause any miss throws like the zip ties do, that I have seen on many robots?

That was the main reason that we don’t use zip ties. Inconsistant unloading.

That’s the thick anti-slip mat, found it somewhere in the products. It’s actually very accurate, it doesn’t spit the cubes at all. Only thing is with my set up i don’t have continuous intake, but i’ve been able to work around that. Only time i miss a goal is when i cant tell the distance from the goal because we have to stand in the same place.

I’ll second that… :wink:

Nope, it didn’t cause any problems for 1031 or 1337 at the NorCal regionals - both teams made it look quite beneficial.