Team 1107B 2011 Gateway Season 1 reveal

robot details:
quad roller to pick up the objects with ease and can also pick up stacks for skills challenges
the entire pickup framework is make of lexan to be as light as possible
our chute can hold up to 4-5 objects depending on orientation
official score to date: 20pts drivers, 5pts programming :frowning:
unofficial scores: 25 pts drivers, 18 pts programming
the arm is a 5.5 bar??? (see pics)
we have no idea what to call it…
we supported most the arm structure with standoffs and they were extremely durable
the arm has presets including 12" goal, 20" goal, and 30" goal
tank style drive with four 393 motors (1.6 internal)
it has four 4" onmi wheels for minimal turning traction
the wheels are chained together
autonomous can score 12 points
weight is ~12lbs

video of 12 point 20 sec autonomous in practice:
video of the 18 pt 1 min autonomous coming soon… :slight_smile:

here are some pics:

our 5.5 bar :cool:

our main feature is the slanted chute that starts at a shallow angle and gradually becomes steeper and steeper. this allows an easy shallow angle to intake the objects, and also the advantage of a 4-5 object capacity.
another feature is the complex branching autonomous. we have two buttons on either side of the robot and we can pick which action we want to do based on the positioning and whatever is going on at the field. the code is so complex and long, we just barley fit it in the old pics

there are plenty videos posted already of our first competition in this thread:

but ill make sure to go through all of my videos and post the matches that are not on youtube already

if you have questions, don’t hesitate ask!](

Great robot! You guys were great allies for 1492X and 1492Z and you had a great tournament. I can see this robot is aiming for another Inspire award the way it’s going! Your team always finds ways to take advantage of anything and everything and other teams should learn from your creativity. Can’t wait to see you at the next competition!

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5.5? Really? Still just a 4-Bar.

  • Andrew

well, its in between a “4-bar” and the technical “6-bar” :stuck_out_tongue:
this still has two links in order for it to reach 30"

Haha well the way I see it, the first 4-bar in the 6-bar (2, 4-bars) you only have a single 4-bar, but in the second 4-bar in the 6-bar, you have a double 6-bar. So a ghetto name might just be a 5-bar because I’m not really sure what the technical term would be :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it. I am wondering how you find having a “single”, central arm rather than having the intake supported on both sides. I know a few NZ teams that did it similarly to you, but not with a 6-bar and not usually with that much object capacity. Do you find it wobbly? Perhaps it is worth it to have the intake system lighter.

And by the way, (and I know for sure as I am in my 3rd year of a Mechanical Engineering degree) this is a 6-bar mechanism :wink: although it is a bit different from the others.


Right, a cut down version of a 6-bar. Looks like its mostly for weight reduction and pure awesomosity.

we used this type of arm last year in round up (single joint 4-bar)
you can see it here:

and we fond that it saved space and weight
and even though it flexes more than a standard 4/6-bar it is still very stable

at first we thought the standoffs supporting the arm would need to be replaced by metal structure, but it turns out that it can handle the strain
i guess we can call this a “special 6-bar” then :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool. A lot of thought must have gone into this design. Also, very nice job on the custom polycarb! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who has done that much with it - you have all kinds of shapes, and bent it to make beams etc.

our first prototype was make out of full steel (prototype) and the arm was just barley able to support it. i think the prototype + arm was heavier than the drive at the time…

Very impressive, especially the Auton. Good work!

amazing autonomous strategy, and i have to say that it is one the best robot i have seen by now.

we are currently trying to top our score
and to make the 1 min autonomous challenge score even more!

Great autonomous! The best I have seen so far!

Nice robot and a great autonomous run. Only problem I see is that you won’t be allowed to step on the field to load game pieces at competitions.


haha you noticed
our coach wasnt there when we shot the video
usually he does it (because he has longer arms), and i’d have to pull on the back of his shirt so he wound fall in :slight_smile:

Is your robot able to bring itself back up if it falls?

it doesnt fall :wink:
(unless the driver is drunk ;))
we had an anti tip bar at the back when we were prototyping, but we never needed it and we added our back cover anyways so it wouldnt work

overall, if the drivers are concentrated, then there should be no problem

That’s definitely a 6-bar, just with part of the intake attached to the middle vertical bar.
It looks very nice, especially the roller design. How well can you score stacks in robot skills? Do you intake the stacks vertically, or do they end up sideways?

in robot skills, we can pick up stacks
and they stay stacked :slight_smile:
this was one of the reasons why we did it this way