Team 1107B 2011 Gateway Season 1 reveal

well we DID analyze the rules thoroughly before we even started coding the autonomous

thanks, we cadded everything and prototyped with cardboard before we cut the first piece of lexan :slight_smile:

What they are doing IS legal because they have a zip tie constantly touching the ground.

I know this is really old, but do you still use the VEXNet upgrade for crystal?? Is it as reliable?

WOW, i thought i was trippin out for a sec :stuck_out_tongue:
yes we do :slight_smile:
i think we are the most ghetto team ever! :slight_smile:
we use the vexnet upgrade with the pic
we use the oldstyle HUGE controllers
and we still use 3-wire motors everywhere! :slight_smile:

why fix if it aint broke eh? :wink:

Gah! I’ve been looking for one of those FOREVER! Haha, and ghetto teams for life. If you saw pictures of our C team (me), I had to scavenge our room for supplies. 3 wire motors, regular screws in the shaft collars. You don’t know anyone who still has the VEXNet upgrade willing to sell it? We can’t buy another VEXNet brain since we actually lost our sponsorship from the Department of Defense because they went over budget. (Maybe we shouldn’t have bought 5 new computers…)

(thread necromancy)

We use the old system: Mostly 3 wire motors, PIC with VexNet upgrade. Of course we’ve switched over to HS motors and 3000mAh batteries, but those are straight upgrades.
We’ve actually maxed out the capacity on the PIC at 32000 bytes for our program exactly.

Ack, beaten to it.

Wow, how many lines exactly?

And yeah, I always kill my PIC because I don’t have a power expander, and with the drivebase C team has, it needs one.