Team 1107B 2011 reveal

first, see this youtube clip
a compilation of our 2010-2011 season :slight_smile:
and heres the link for our highlights

robot details:
needle, powered by two 3-wire motors, 1:1 for one roller 3:2 for the other
QUAD roller needle makes for easy pick up single knocked down tubes and the ability to pick up multiple (up to 7) tubes
the descore fork is made of laxan that folds out at the beginning of the match
it can descore the bases and wall goals with no effort
this is our main feature and this allows us to descore while having our needle loaded that can fill up a goal right away (3 secs max)
we have a separate “roller claw” module that can be swapped out in to replace the needle in three minutes
this module is used for the programming and drivers skills challenge which is based around picking up stacked tubes
official score to date: 105pts drivers, 22pts programming
unofficial scores: 109 pts drivers, 35 pts programming
needle is lifted by a four bar (with only two bars) geared 1:5 with elastics to “balance” the force
the arm had presets including wall goal, base goal, one tube height, descore X tubes and more :slight_smile:
tank style drive with four 393 motors (1.6 internal)
it has four 4" onmi wheels for minimal turning traction
the wheels are chained together
autonomous can score 20 points
autonomous uses two encoders (drive wheels), 1 pot (arm), and a line sensor (bottom)
two “prescore” towers that are elastic powered (tube not encircling the post at the beginning)
weight is ~12lbs
three experienced team members going to worlds (everybody was at worlds last year)

here are a few more vids of past competitions (match)

if you have questions, don’t hesitate ask!

*credits to legomindstormsmaniac’s detailed robot description format :slight_smile:]( (99 pts drivers))


Looks cool.

Question: Why did you decide to go with a roller claw for your skills runs instead of a simpler design? If I’m not mistaken, the reason you’re at 109 instead of 117 is because when the roller claw which cannot open pulls away from the high goal, it takes the top tube with it, while a non-roller claw can (given some driver skill) balance the tube there. Any advantages that a roller claw actually has don’t really apply in skills, where everything’s nicely set up, but the disadvantage is costing 8 points.

This bot was part of the original inspiration for our B bot, though… we ended up going in a completely different direction with the manipulator design, but the functionality is very similar. :stuck_out_tongue:

we decided to go with that design because it was the simplest of all
(two moving parts, easily build and bolted without any cutting involved)

we realized that the claw was more efficient after two competitions with that thing (and after watching your 117 :))
but our 1107A team and 1107C team both have claws (best design i think) and they used up all the supplies needed to build a claw :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the fast, confident driving the best. It really sets your robot apart from the rest. Being able to fling off a stack of tubes and fill up the post with your own in under 3 seconds is a pretty unique skill.

thanks for your compliment! :slight_smile:
we figured that out after the first two competitions that “Descoring” will be HUGE at worlds

1107B! I can safely testify to the fact that you’ve had a FAIRLY successful year for Round up :). You have a beastly robot! We hope to do a reveal of our final bot sometime soon.


The Promo clip is has lots of nice features, but its too long and too slow to get started to keep my attention. 30s is enough for a superbowl ad.
Cortex/Pic/PowerExpander/battery type?
EasyC/RobotC? any special programming?
Tell me more (or show pic, or timestamp in a vid) about the prescore towers: Can you score on the nearest wall goal to either starting position?

I have the my usual comments/reservations about non-compliant-material shields.

we hung in the beginning of the season but took it out to save motors and weight we can make up for the lost points well within the 30 sec hang we had

we have the old pic (with vexnet upgrade)
we have the power expander (dedicated to the drive)
we have the new 3000 NiMH batts for the drive and old 2000 Ni-Cad batts for the arm
we are using easyC with presets and different autonomous routines

unfortunately we forgot to film the “prescores”
guess you will just have to see it in person :slight_smile:

Impressed! As I was with your robot last year, and it’s great to see a close-up view of it! Loved the promo video, I didn’t mind it’s length, and enjoyed seeing all the footage. I wish we had filmed something like that for ours! I did have a bit of footage I wanted to share… Unfortunately it’s not on YouTube anymore, and I don’t know if we still have it… anyway I enjoyed watching the videos, and I love your robot! Again I hope we’re in the same division this year, because it would be really fun to be allied with you again! :slight_smile:

See you at Worlds!


thanks Jordan!
we look forward working together with you again :slight_smile:

can you grab the donuts from the wall withyour descorer being in the way?

yes :slight_smile:
(another feature i forgot to add >.<)
also, YAY we managed to stuff the “roller claw” into the robot so it fits in the 18"
now we dont hafta take it apart just to ship it to worlds :slight_smile:

how exactly do you, can your descorer fold back up when you want it to or?

the descorer is on a hinge (it starts with the descorer in the “up” position to fit in the 18)
so if it bumps into anything, it will automatically fold back up (and then back down once we back away)

I really love B’s descoring. The fact that they can do it so fast is destructive. I look forward to visiting you guys at Worlds!

thanks for your compliments!
looking forward to see you too!

**I’m a new robotics coach and I’ve been telling students that they can only use VEX materials in order to prepare for competition.

I teach in a tech school and students would love to be able to machine the parts they’d like to use.

Is there another thread for questions like this?**

The VEX Robotics Competition Gateway Official Q&A thread will give you a definitive answer to questions about the VRC game.

Amazing Robot Guys.