Team 1107B Teaser ;)

we have never done a teaser such as this before
then again we have never built a “green eggs” robot before…**
when i say “Green eggs” it is the terminology my team uses to describe the “unbeatable, able to win solo” design**

we think it will be fun to let everyone on their toes and try to guess what this “big amazing” design is!
well its up to YOU to decide if you want to believe this or not :wink:


  • 4 motor 1:1 drive
  • 4 motor 1:7 arm
  • Precision made lexan; we used a ruler and protractor (if you think our season one robot used lexan…)
  • it can ONLY score in the lower goals!
  • It falls into several pieces at the end of the match (connected by string ofc)
  • the entire robot SPLITS in half! (explosively)
  • It will win games on its own
  • When you see it, you will (hit bricks)

if you have questions, dont hesitate to ask!
we may or may not answer them :wink:

*we were suppose to bring this robot to the Jan. 29 competition next saturday, but our coach thought it wouldnt be such a good idea revealing to the interwebz this early in the season, dont worry though, we will definitely bring it out to the Feb competition and may reveal the entire robot prior to that!

I’m calling either:
-deployable static piece for match loads/hoarding
-over the black middle gate between isolation zones



splits in half, envelops wall o’ objects.

12 motors?


oops, were used to counting on motor power (HS = 2 motors)
edited :slight_smile:

Dang nabbit, exams begin next monday and now I can’t do anything but reverse engineer this:p

How will you win with only scoring the low goals…?

Maybe by hoarding ALL OF THE THINGS?

Or blocking all the goals?

There are 4 low goals, which means that they can score a maximum of 15 points (assuming they get there first) - meaning that it is only feasible if they hord all of the objects and block all of the goals, because the opposition are left with 13 objects (isolation objects, match and preloads) to score in their isolation (which cant be blocked with the gate down due to entanglement risks and accessibility, i assume, meaning that the opponents will score atleast 17 points (low goal then doubled high goal)… Unless im missing something

Sneak around behind opponents and throw match loads into the arena so you can hoard them? Didn’t think about that did you :p.

Seriously though, I’m confused too.

Hmm very interesting. I’m thinking that the robot folds out it’s wheels and kinda becomes like a wallbot keeping the interaction zone robot into it’s square and then later keeps the isolation zone robot within the isolation zone by splitting in half. I’m guessing that the robot will start out in the interaction zone and it’s autonomous will score 1 or 2 objects in the low goal and then push the rest of the match loads in the corner and then it will start to trap the opponents robot. If it is fast enough the opposing alliance will not be able to score higher than around 10 points and it will be able to score 9 points in autonomous with 8 match loads and so their alliance partner will need to do very little to win the game.

Oh and lol, isn’t illegal to have 2 bots?

IIRC Driven Nuts (team 76) had a minibot that came out of the catapult bot for Clean Sweep. It was connected by an umbilical of braided wires. I’m not sure if entanglement issues are different this year.

My guess is that they “cap” all of the goals with their polycarb… In this manner, they only need to score 15pts in the low goals to win.


nope :smiley:

AHAHAHA, thats classic! =D

you will need a tether (longgggg wire) to connect the two robots (since you are only allowed one microcontroller)
however, since the design is superrrrr “unique” the refs will watch closely and if an oposing robot touches the tethered wire, you wil be DQ’d

(they cant touch it if they cant reach it right?? :wink:

nope :slight_smile:

The heck??? You confuse me…so, the tether is kept above about 40 inches for the whole match?


  1. Is “low goals” referring to 10.5" Goals or Floor Goals? (Or both? Or simply all goals but the 30" Goals?)
  2. Are you using 2 more motors for something you decided to keep from us? (Or for “splitting”, or not using them at all?)
  3. Where are your High Strength motors going? All on the drive?
  4. If (3) is true, are your High Strength motors in high-speed mode geared 1:1 on your drive?
  5. How am I not able to push this robot around and defeat it using a wall-bot with 4 high-strength motors and 6 low-strength motors all on the drive, geared down 2:1?
  6. Unless the string/wires connecting the parts of the robot which are splitting in half and “falling apart” are completely covered with plenty of metal, or made so much that it is a 2" thick rope, how is absolutely no robot guaranteed to not become entangled with it?

Sounds interesting, and has certainly gotten me thinking, Gordon! ;D


How did you think of the design?

Have you ever seen your intake on another robot? (Have you seen similar intakes)


Sounds like you have a very creative robot. Just make sure you’re cognizant of all the possible rule implications, especially <R3c>.

Whenever I hear about robots that are connected with by pieces of rope, I immediately worry about entanglement risks.

Good luck with the design.