Team 1129b

Green Machines robot for the VRWC
We certainly learned that you must be ready for everything when it comes to robots, even American Airlines snapping two axles and bending a C-Channel into a wheel during the flight. HAHA… Even with countless setbacks we were just happy to be there. Maybe my chance will come next year in the college circuit.

Without further ado…

Drivetrain- 4 motor, 2 5" Wheel driving. Driving each wheel on 1.67:1 ratio. Two free rolling omni’s in the front.
Manipulator- 1:9 lifting on 4 motors. 2 1:1 motors on intake, set with a tensioner in the middle for clearance.
-11 lbs., 18x18x17.3"
-Tip bonus cube
-Holds 5 cubes
-Autoload in 4 sec
-Reach every goal

Worlds was so much fun, especially for a rookie team like mine.
BTW Some of our favorite robots were the Kiwis, Exothermic 418, Bellarmine 254a and b…:D:D

I really like your robot. I believe that it is one of the ones that I stopped to look at while I was walking around the pits.

Epic fail josh.

Ill face you heads up anytime woody…:smiley:

Coming to NCRI? I’m sure Drew wants another alliance paring with you guys…

Probably, but I might have to rebuild. Our teacher wants us to compete in this lame version of tag in our class. It would be great if you could do it around May 23rd. Then we wouldn’t have to deconstruct it. I’m really looking forward to this, because both woody(1031) and myself(1129b)'s 2-4 records did not adequately represent the proficiency of our bots. I truly believe our bot on its best day can compete with the best of them…