Team 118 Robonauts VEX 2016 Reveal

The Robonauts are proud to present our entry for the 2016 VEX Robotics Competition, Outlaw.



that lift is actually really smart

Nice robot and lift. Was the robot you were lifting in the video an earlier iteration?

Amazing robot :D. What’s your motor distribution?

Your 2015 robot, but your 2016 reveal :wink:
Nice bot!

I’m amazed at how many useful mechanisms were packed into there!
Good luck worlds!
I wonder if you can achieve the same result this year.

Impressive as always 118! Good luck at worlds!

Side rollers :o I never thought I’d see the day.
And I love the catapult! I hope you do well at Worlds!

Awesome reveal video ! This design has gone through many iterations over the season.
Congrats to the entire Robonauts crew !

That magazine to launcher system is sweet. Also, is that your work space? Because it seems huge.

See you in Arts Division, Nice reveal video and awesome bot.

Very unique design. I really like that pull-back mechanism you used. I haven’t seen that on any other robot this year. I also really like that brake; it will serve you well at worlds. Good luck! :slight_smile:

I’ve been enjoying 118’s FRC reveals for over a decade now… nice to see VRC getting the same TLC.

Robonauts is NASA’s team. In that area, there isn’t just practice for VEX. There’s also practice for FIRST, they are producing products for space, and they have practice for space stations.

That Lift though!! Whats the max it can lift?