These are the links to the videos of SYNTAX_ERROR’s round up bot. This obviously is not how the field is setup, but we practice many scenarios. We can hold 8 rings, score on low goals and high goals, descore both types of goals, and move the low goals under the ladder. Let us know what you think!

Here is the video of our bot:

Here is the video of out bot lifting the ladder:

Come visit us at worlds!



… I am… impressed. I really don’t know what to say but this robot is just simply… amazing! I love it’s speed, your robot started out and I kept being amazed more and more as I saw the different functionalities all being introduced in the first video. When I saw you drive up to the ladder at the end I was confused what you were doing then I saw the ladder feet up in the air and on top of the two base goals and… just wow. I have to say the most impressive robot I’ve seen this year. Very, very nice job, you guys. I’ll see you at Worlds.


Please please please say you’re a college team… :eek:

Wow… you have an incredible robot!

Syntax Error has been a high school team for years.

Their 2007 robot still inspires me, and this looks better than ever. Wow.

I have had many many experiences with Syntax, being beat by them multiple times, and being around them every day. To be honest, they are just about the nicest people you will ever meet, and they have built a serious kick-butt bot. If they compete how I know they should be able to, they should have no problem going head to head with teams like Green Egg and Currahee. They’re bot is also so versatile, being able to do everything besides climb, they are able to compliment any bot out there. Seriously good job, this thing is beatiful, and I am to the MAX jealous!

id say its dec…

WOW, JUST WOW. i was there at the actual time that they filmed this and sense have watched the video time and time again and it has never ceased to amaze me. i want to see some of those high hangers out there hang with the later tilted! goooood luck my friends!

very, VERY impressive!
how many linear slides did you use on that robot? :stuck_out_tongue:
definitely would like you verse you in the 1v1 mini event!

we use 4 linear slides for the main set of lifts. we use a single slide for the intake, and another single slide on the back for the descorer.

wow, i guess u can miss a lot if u miss a meeting or two

tipping the ladder is skill, ur prolly the first ones to do tht

to far brunn :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if it’s worth noting, but it seems like most robots would still be able to hang… Maybe try adding an extra foot to the movement of you arm? That way NOBODY can hang? :smiley:

We have never actually tried tipping the ladder while a bot is trying to climb because we’ve never faced a solid climbing bot in competition. tipping the ladder definately changes the angle so i think it could affect some bots. If the ladder was tipped like it is in our second video, Im not sure if a team like 1103 could still climb. Also lifting it up and driving away and letting the ladder drop could affect teams.

Also when the ladder is tipped like it is in our second video, one orange rung is higher than the other, and one yellow rung is higher than the other. Is a robot still high/low hanging if it is above one rung but not the other?

see here:
i thought of all these weird scenarios longg time ago…
hope those answer your questions

I think the best use of tipping the ladder isn’t to mess up 1103, but to get tubes out from under it.

this would be helpful if our partner were a claw and we were out of rings, but i think it would be more efficient for us to descore anyways…

AND we will see how climbing is ruled with a tipped ladder:

we do not want to completely tip the ladder over or push it much further up as it may lose balance and tip if nudged while partially tipped because that would be illegal.


At one of the Ontario events, almost all of the eliminations matches resulted in a nearly full ladder of tubes.

we have seen that a lot too. we also can hold eight rings so in that case we focus on descoring the opponent’s rings and replacing them with one of ours. with the goals in the middle though some teams just dont know what to do

Very, very impressive! It can do pretty much everything (and more) at reasonable speeds.

Just wondering, what are the pneumatics tanks for?

If you listen closely you can hear the “tick!” of the pneumatic cylinders when the robot drops the goals into the ladder. They use them to shoot the goals off of the mechanism that picks them up, which in turn drops them into the ladder.