1200D has a all around quality bot
It has a claw that can score on all goals
It is amazing at descoring
It can lift the moveable bases and put them in the ladder
Is has a standard drive with a strafe wheel for multi-directional movements
Their team has done well this year… so watch out for them at worlds![ATTACH]3874[/ATTACH]

Pretty cool robot! Looks like a dangerous robot to compete against!! :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to see them at worlds!!

What is your motor configuration? From what i can see you have 4 motors on drive, 1 for arm, 2 for goals, 1 for claw and 2 for strafe.

4 motor arcade with an omni wheel inside driven by one high power motor. Use two motors for the arm (both high power), two for the base lifter (normal motors geared for torque), and one high power motor for the claw.

very nice bot, got whooped on by these boyz and sytax tag teaming us in practice match. all bases in middle b4 i could say waaagooo!

thanks! puttting goals in the middle can destroy some teams…