Team 1200E Bot

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know a little about our bot and ourselves. We call ourselves Ironic Mechtronix, and we are a first year team from Wisconsin.
As you well know, claws are a very common design, and can be effective or not so much. We decided this year to go with a linear claw design to get rid of the elipical movement of a normal claw. Our goal was to make a very rounded bot that can score stacks and single rings very quickly, as well as descore basically anything on the field. This was accomplished in the following ways.

Here are some of our stats:
*Two sets of linear slides allowing us to reach the high and short goals
*Slides move individually to reduce wear and tear on motors from overdriving
*Five wheel omni drive with strafe wheel
*Four ring capacity for scoring and descoring
*Three seconds to get slides extended to maximum height
*Ability to descore high goals while holding rings
*EXTREMELY consistant autonomous scores 5 rings in 5 seconds, very hard to beat to the goal
*Very strong program to limit driver error
*Ability to score single rings fast enough to make it worth while
*Very adaptable strategy to accomodate strong scoring/descoring partners

This is my first time trying to post pics, so I hope I did it right…
Please feel free to ask any questions, I’d love to hear from you guys. Watch for our whole team at Worlds, and be sure to stop by our booth!



See ya on the fields! :slight_smile:
IMG_2064 (Custom).JPG
IMG_2066 (Custom).JPG

We have been allied with 1200E two different times and both times we have made it to the finals. They have an extremely reliable autonomous that consistently gets to the goal before most other teams. They have a solid bot that does not have any glaring flaws. Their slide system is very fast and their drivers are pretty good too.

GOOD LUCK 1200E!!!

I also have been allied with 1200E multiple times
they have a capable bot and decent drivers

They were our 3rd alliance at the Xavier tournament where my team, syntax error, and they won the tournament.

how florida collin?

he is sitting next to a lake enjoying the nice weather… doing homwork :stuck_out_tongue: