Team 1615 - Videos (and partial reveal)

So I’ve decided to release some videos that I posted over the summer, and also release a video of our robot. Unfortunately I was wicked stupid and didn’t video my robot nearly as much as I should have (the video is the only footage I have of it, and that robot has been taken apart already :frowning: ).

I’ll cut to the chase :slight_smile:
Here is the video you came for (partial reveal)
And some pictures of our robot

That robot finished 10th of 43 at the Trinity Granite State Tournament, and lost in the quarterfinals by one point (grrrrr). We have completely rebuilt our robot since then and is a whole lot better.

Here is a fast forwarded video of how we designed a lift for our robot

Here are various other videos
Chassis Testing
Compact Transmission Testing
Lift->Drive Transmission Driving
(Fail) Reverse Double 4 Bar