Team 177V unofficial 64 in programming skills

We can also get 66 in driver skills for a combined score of 130.

All you have to do is paste the URL into the box, nothing special. Also, that link is broken.

Very impressive. About how long did the planning and refining stages of development take you all respectively?

Wow, that almost looks like driver control. Very impressive

Very nice and unique auton route. What kinds of sensors and programming features did you use?

lol YAH!!!

Thanks. It has taken a lot of time. I would say I did well over 10 hours of actually programming the routine. A majority of the functions used in the program I had made before that. I had a general idea of what I wanted it to do before I started and I adjusted that as needed based on what worked and what I needed to do to keep it in time.

I use five sensors: a gyro for the drive, a quad encoder for each side of the drive, and potentiometers for the arm and claw. I use a proportional control on the drive with a break at the end to stop all momentum. The encoders are used for distance and the potentiometers are used to correctly position the arm and claw.