Team 180 Reveal - In The Zone

Hey guys, we’ve been on the grind lately and we’re proud to reveal our robot this early into the seasonClick Here

Wow, what an amazing robot reveal. Props to you guys for inspiring the metagame for In the Zone so early, it takes some real work and dedication to produce such fabulous results so quickly.

Just curious, how did you get the correct game objects so early into the season? They look extremely accurate for objects that aren’t supposed to be shipped out until May 15th.

Insanely effective design, the stacking speed will be hard to beat this season, props to you guys on making this so fast.

Well, we have a guy on the inside that slipped some off the production line for us…

Good for you guys! Meanwhile, I think I found some similar-looking pieces at my local Walmart. Who knew they sold such accurate models?

That ending killed me, definitely gonna be a thing.


I am extremely glad that I am not the only one who immediately thought of autozone after hearing the new game.

This robot is so good I literally have no words…

Pretty sure you described my robot with that list starting at 0:28.

Wow! Almost looks like it could play last year’s game just as effectively! What a coincidence…

Picard, don’t make me use your facepalm against you.

Every reveal this year will now end with an Autozone Logo


How many tries did it take to get that bottle flip?

Also who’s Jodie? :wink:

The bottle flip is fake lol


Wait really? It was so convincing!

/s (did I really need to specify that?)

Fantastic Job

This bot is going to win worlds! Scoring rate is insannnnnnneeeeeeeeee.

Ayeeee 180 how can i join your team?!