Team 1826 The Fuse Robot Reveal

Someone got the turret with auto aiming to work.
Good for you for sticking with it.

What sensors do you use for auto aiming?

@Mr. Vex We use a gyro, IMEs, (integrated motor encoders) and quadrature encoders. We also use sonars for calibration testing, data-logging, and to check the position.

Quick question, I don’t know if this is some trade secret but how do you get the gyroscope not to drift like crazy over time. Ive come up with a few solutions but none worked well enough for me to consider position tracking with it viable.

@Anton Pozharskiy We had spent about 3 weeks in the summer of 2015, and ill say this. It is possible to make them work to be consistent and accurate, just we don’t necessarily want to expose how to do that.

Amazing robot, and amazing programming!

Is there a way to slow that lift down? It looked pretty unsafe for robots when it lifted in the video

It looked the same speed as 974x and 400x’s lift, and they have lifted some very light robots.

See, you have teams like 62 and 400X with some amazing craftsmanship and driving skill. But a team like this, that uses this kind of code to be viable, is, in my opinion, just as impressive.
Good luck at worlds!

@ThunderRobotics With our lift, we are able to control the tension. The clip shown in the video way WAY outdated. We have it stop at 13" instead of the full 18" so the robot being lifted doesn’t go flying, and it is much more subtle.

Ok haha, would be good to show if you have any video of it

@ThunderRobotics I wish I did. Sadly, the robot is all boxed up for the flight and can’t get any video of it, which is why I didn’t have it in the video.

I LOVE your robot. Seriously, I toyed with a similar idea near the beginning of the season, but my partner and I didn’t have the engineering or coding skills to pull it off. The versatility is real XD

This is awesome! Finally someone managed to make a robot that can shoot on the go. I tried it earlier in the season, but with a partner joystick as I didn’t have the programming skills to make an auto aim. Unfortunately my team mates weren’t able to get much driving practice so the plan sort of failed.
What is the transfer time on your intake?

@Byte Me Robotics I would say it takes a second to get from the intake to the flywheel. With the turret, we are limited with what we can do to supply the balls to the wheel.

Also, what system are you using on the double intake to keep the balls from jamming? I’m interested because I did the same thing earlier this year. (Note, mine really didn’t work that well)

@Byte Me Robotics well we can’t have one come in from both sides at the exact same time or else they collide. On the inside we have another reel of rubber bands such as the front, but the internal reels allow for the ball to be squeezed and pulled up.

I love the turret system. This is easily the most innovative robot in the world when it comes to code, since you got the gyro and IMEs to work consistently at the same time. I have a feeling I know what you did to the gyro, and it’s similar to what QCC2 did for skyrise, but I wont tell the public exactly what it is.

Oh hi guys :slight_smile: Saw you at nationals :slight_smile: