Team 1826A Consistent Programming Skills Hang

Just a video to showcase the new programming skills run, topped with a hang.

I hope you know that white line wont be there for real… other than that was a great run

Yeah lol we don’t use the line. We originally used it so when we drove forward, if it was a certain distance it would rotate on that line, and that line helped visualize what we wanted to do.

@Keith_Horton1826 ah ok lol thanks for the clarification, ive seen new teams try to put white tape on skills feilds before

Do you guys use the gyro to realign yourselves? Also we use the gyro to realign but sometimes because of the motors take some time to slow down, sometimes it goes over the angle we want. How do you get it to realign itself 3-4 times every time you rotate?

The power of PID. It’s really useful. There are a lot of threads regarding PID with Gyros, encoders, and potentiometers.

Yeah, we use a gyro, and a PID controller to perfect the angle.