Team 1935E teaser/reveal

One of the goals I had coming into this year was to build an mostly original robot as opposed to looking on YouTube for inspiration.

With that being said, here is a teaser of what resulted:

total motors:
total pistons:
3 (single acting)
large ball capacity:
buckyball capacity:

A full reveal coming shortly.

I’m guessing a Mecanum Drive. Why are you not using 10 motors? Do you plan to hang, or pick up 3 buckyballs? Can’t wait to see more!

ha-ha it just turned out that we didn’t need them although now as I think about it we could have used them on the drive. We entered out first comp with it only using 6 motors:D

we our planning on going with a completely new design in the future because it was becoming hard to make it better.

Here’s it folded up and without big ball capability (and 6 motors)

@_@ that is really small.

It looks really cool though. How did you guys do on your first competition?

I like how you have that chain bracing the c channel holding the mecanum wheel. Very creative and cool usage of chain!

it is actually bigger than it looks.

In both of the two tournaments we have participated in, we have (by chance) ranked 6 in qualifications (the first one 4 and 0 the second one 6 and 0) and made it to the semifinals and both times had the potential to go farther but our alliance partners broke down.

Is it able to stash buckies and/or large balls in the goals?

It looks like a great robot, can’t wait for the full reveal.

it is able to stash buckies quite well (that’s what it was designed for)

And yet another teaser another teaser (this is where it gets interesting :D)


It’s you re-positioning your robot? Are there videos of this robot?


Sorry, haha. Note the magically levitating buckyball. :open_mouth:

I have a video of this robot (since we always end up being partners one way or another), but I’m sure Phillip probably doesn’t want me to release them…


It’s always a pleasure to play together :slight_smile:
I will let you Know when it’s ok to post video but of course that would reveal your robot too :smiley:

Here’s another teaser. Still a lot to be discovered about this robot.
Also note that the pic’s background was not chosen by accident.

The robot is very unique and solid.

I saw some yellow latex tubing. Is this available as standard part from VEX?

It’s not available from vex but is ‘identical in every way except color’ :wink:
we got it from here:
They sell it at about half the price but it’s only worth it if you want a particular color or want to buy in bulk (so that your net order including shipping is still saving you money).

I have finals coming up at my community college (I take a class there) so the full reveal will probably have to wait until after that.
So to keep you all busy; one more teaser.
back of robot.jpg

Similar question, I see that the specs on the tubing from OmegaFLEX uses Shore A and matches the 35 from the specs on the VEXROBOTICS website. How do we know that the VEX product uses the same scale.

Clearly this is a cheaper alternative but given the GUM base I wonder if it is truly the same material.

Of course this would be up to the inspector at the event to determine whether or not it is the same.

Good luck - the robot looks nice.

I believe if you buy black tubing, no one will notice it.

We have used both kinds of tubing and have noticed absolutely no difference between the two.

Actually, I seem to recall a tournament where the team after us in inspection got some flak for using the black tubing (because the inspectors thought the amber tubing on our bot was the real stuff :rolleyes:)

Now for the full reveal.

One or two non-critical parts are missing from the robot in the photos so if something doesn’t look symmetrical :smiley:

four motors in HS configuration and directly driven.
we did have some little trouble going over the bump but it really didn’t make any difference.
sideview stowed.jpg
sideview deployed.jpg

big-ball picker-upper:
consisted of a fork-lift the brought the big ball to the top of the robot where it was fired by a wimpy catapult. the launcher also fired our preload over the fence right at the start of Aton (as seen in one of the teasers)
holding bigball.jpg
bigball extended.jpg
launcher retracted.jpg
launcher extended.jpg

Bucky ball intake:
consisted of four one-way hinges that kept the ball in after the intake was lowered onto it. it could hold two balls

the lift consisted of two stages. the first stage raised the pivot point of the arm to about 16 inches above the ground. the second stage was the actual arm which had two motors geared in a 5to1 ratio.
intake holding one ball.jpg
lift one.jpg
lift two.jpg
lift tower.jpg

What is the purpose of the 12 inch axle going across the robot? Any videos?