Team 1935E teaser/reveal

the 12 inch axle was to keep the robot from getting stuck on Bucky balls when strafing.

not our best match by any means but this one is on YouTube (not mine)

also iAndr0idOs said he had a video so to him and anyone else reading this feel free to post anything you might have.

also this one

Here’s a video of the first iteration of 1935E’s (and my) robot. It should be pretty obvious which one is which.

The strange thing is that, looking back, it seems like I was a better team then as apposed to the second iteration…

Very unique design!
reminds me of the good ol’ clean sweep days :slight_smile:

I notice you’re using leg wheels as a large ball intake. How have they been? I’ve thought about using them as well.

That would be my robot (2059A). xD
They’re pretty effective, but I’ve stopped using them for several reasons. They tend to get caught everywhere, even with careful driving. Especially in other robots’ intakes. At the last competition I went to, 5/6 robots I faced in semis and finals had wheel leg intakes, and every single match I played in, my robot and another one would get disabled for half the match because the other robot’s intake would get caught in mine.

Yes I realize that was yours and not the OP’s, haha, that’s why I quoted your comment. Do you think they would be less likely to get caught if they had holes drilled through them for standoffs rather than just mounting them on an axle?

It’s not the mounting that gets caught. It’s the lips on the wheel legs themselves that get caught. I have seen a solution to that, but I’ve figured out a better large ball solution anyways.

Well the robot is now officially R.I.P. (Resting In Pieces)

I am planning on going with a slightly more conventional design to better facilitate programing skills among other things (you did NOT just hear me hint at an 8 motor drive :D)

Ya, at bellarmine, our robots seemed to get tangled just about every time they were on the same field.

8 motor drive… that leaves you 2 motors for lift and intake… I hope you guys have a plan because an 8 motor drive seems to be leaving your robot with awfully few resources for many other capabilities.

Either pneumatic lift or pneumatic intake, both of which I’ve seen for Toss Up. (Not saying whose pneumatic intake, but it’s awesome :D)

True, I suppose a well constructed pneumatic lift would serve its purpose pretty well for Toss Up. As for the pneumatic intake, I would be VERY interested in seeing that in action!

to add to the confusion, the lift as it exists in prototype form only lifts about 18 inches or so :eek:

I feel somewhat guilty teasing you about a robot that probably won’t be revealed until right before worlds (if it’s revealed at all)

my tabor sense tells me it might be the robot your bringing to the Tracy completion :slight_smile:

That’s alright, I revealed a very early build of my robot and now have 29,000 views on my reveal and now I don’t plan to reveal anything else until worlds. Just a lot of teasing new features.