Team 1935E V-2.3 teaser/reveal

I just got back from a tournament last week and decided to do a reveal on my second iteration.

It went 5 and 1 and seeded 4th only to be knocked out in the quarter-finals because of an alliance partner improperly repositioning their bot during the third match. (the score of that one would have been about 60-somthing to 15)

But first I tease you:

six motors direct driven
four-bar :cool:
not telling yet.

Pic of the drive and lift in the early stages of development:
2013 12 14_0436_edited-1.jpg

Sounds like a good robot. Why not outtake with the top roller? Also why do you have the lift on the outside of your chassis?

The idea was to get something that could be lined up in Aton and score every time. It didn’t work out as well as we expected but is still on the drawing board for the next iteration.

Also note that the lift only lift’s about 18 or so inches :slight_smile:

Having the lift outside the drive has been a personal preference of mine for some time. it also makes you stand out and was necessary to fit in the four-bar.

pneumatics that lift the rollers so the balls will roll right in the goal with no risk of overshoot

You’re on the right track. the words Lift and Roll are key and the original prototype did use pneumatics.

It has something to do with the intake tray as well.

Murdo guessing on a teaser. This just made my day.

Teaser #2$cc-g$

picture source

I should note that one of the robots greatest strengths is stashing big balls.

Happy head scratching.

Very unique robot and interesting design as always. I didn’t quite know what to make of it when I first saw your robot on Friday.

cant blame me, slow day at work :wink:

still waiting for the tossup GER teaser thread… :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems to be a pretty good robot! :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you referring to the original picture, or the dump truck?:smiley:

Is your outtake an intake catapult, or am I way off?:slight_smile:

I am referring to the original picture, too bad its all black and white… :frowning:

You are way off on the intake my robot has.

This looks interesting. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve at Tracy :slight_smile:

this robot started out with a GER strategy of sorts but I was forced to use a more conventional strategy because the robot didn’t do some of the things I wanted it to any better than a normal robot.

since I brought up construction equipment, here is what has got to be one of my favorite lifts that, unfortunately, is ill suited for this years game.

No Max-D said his outtake has a pneumatic part to it, so that was the only pneumatic outtake design I could think of.

I believe the intake catapult is becoming more common, so I thought it might be that.

Oh you were confusing me, not everyone needs to go with the trend! :wink:

What intake does your robot have?

That and the dump tuck might form a good alliance. Except one is a John Deere, and the other is a Cat.

My guess:
The intake is in the front, with top-roller. Then, the front/low part of the intake ramp lifts up so the balls roll down towards the back of the robot.


You could be right, I was just speculating, but what would the benefit of that be? I don’t see any reason you would want objects in the back of your intake ramp. There could be, I just can’t think of any right now.

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