Team 1935E V-3 Teaser/Reveal

A little background about the robot:

This robot was my third and final attempt to make a robot that could beat the standard cookie-cutter design.
first attempt
second attempt
In once sense I failed because I was not present at the California State championship held this last weekend, the first time I have not proceeded to the higher level competitions in my four season career. In another sense, I am positive that someone could take this design farther than I ever will.

But first I tease you…

When the lift is down, the difference between it and more standard robots seems trivial, I think most of the scouts that came by the table missed it, but it has an…er…twist :smiley:

I see something twisted around an axle just above the back of your tray, which would be my first guess at what the “twist” is, but I can’t imagine what it does.

Your cold but not quite frozen.
Why is there an axel on the back of the intake tray?

Teaser #2
A view from the side.

Is it capable of removing Bucky balls from the stash?

Well the first thing I noticed was the absence of motors directly powering the four bar and the two motors facing downward in the back are interesting…

It could remove a bucky that was partially above the tube but not as well as more standard bots.

Also note that this robot carries over many of the traits of it’s predecessors (links to their respective reveals in the first post)

I feel like posting another picture so here goes.

And yes that is a lawn chair in the background :rolleyes:

You are one of the most exceptional teams in the state and should have been there this weekend. Could we see a video of this beast? :wink:

My team has been watching your teasers/reveals all season and had the honor to compete with you at both the SLO and Tracy tournaments, and we have always been impressed with what you have had to offer. You and your father are always very friendly and you always have the best designs. I won’t give anything away about your robot, but I do have to say it was pretty cool when we last saw it at Tracy :slight_smile:

Im assuming that the cage has a “dump truck ability” around the back axil. This is seen clearly in the last photo were the cage is know were to be seen

Nice rack and pinion lift…:slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words. I think one of the many reasons that I went without taking home any ‘hardware’ this year is because most of the judges couldn’t get over the idea of a one man band in vex. I found myself spending about 3/4 of the interview being questioned about it :rolleyes:

Here is a short video I edited for fun a while back that has all the different iterations in it.

Correct, here is a pic of the dumping mechanism

I like it because it takes a lot of stress off the lift and provides a more even lift speed.

Some more pictures

The robot with lift extended:

The robot holding three bukeys:

The robot resting between matches at Tracy:

Very pretty robot :smiley:

It’s to bad you aren’t going to worlds :frowning: this is probably my favorite robot this year so far! I love how quickly it scores. Will you be around next year?

Right now it’s about 50% chance that I will be competing next year; but if I do, it most likely would be more about winning as apposed to just inventing [as it has been the last two years (out of my four year career, the first year was my rookie year but we went to middle school nationals, my second year we creamed locally and went to worlds and then I got board of success started chasing after reverse-bar combinations… )].

There is a growing interest in robots among my friends so I also might end up being a mentor next year but that’s just speculation.

Took some more pictures. if anyone want’s to see a part of the bot more clearly that just let me Know.

The one way latch on the front of the intake tray that keeps the balls from falling out when dumping:

I realized that it might be clearer what is going on at the end of the arm if viewed from the inside:

one way to have a direct-driven six motor four wheel drive:

I never thought about using tank tread as a joint… I love it:D starts messing with 2425

I like using them because they make a light and simple joint.

For more demanding applications, make sure that you use at least two because then tend to snap of the get a lot sideways pressure. (you could also use a piano hinge of course)

How did it do at Tracy? Any videos of its matches?

Great unique robot, it definitely had me confused for a while.

Great robot! I really like the dumping mechanism. It’s one of the more unique designs I have seen this year.