Team 2068Z reveal

Well considering worlds is less than 6 days away, I figured it was about time we released our robot. I posted an old picture of it here
It uses 2 high strength and 4 two-wire motors direct-driven on the drive train and uses two high strength motors geared internally for speed on the scissor lift for expansion. We’ve also got a 3-wire motor for opening/closing our 11.5 in goal scoring mechanism. The most innovative part- we used pneumatics to power outriggers to prevent other robots from pushing us.

Please tell me what you think.

By the way, this robot has been built since October.

Ok, all these questions are going off the assumption it is a wallbot, (it is right?).

  1. Could you post a picture of it unfolded?
  2. Could you direct me to those YouTube videos you mentioned in another thread?
  3. Is the scoring mechanism a claw?
  4. Can you completely block off the isolation zone?
  5. Is it possible at all to push you?
    Overall, looks like a nice bot. :slight_smile:

moar pics!
im really into wallbot reveals :slight_smile:


  1. Sorry, the only picture I have of it unfolded is very old - before many modifications
  2. - a match
    [ - driving practice
    the match video starts after auton + this was before our new amazing autonomous came to be. Also we didn’t have our actual driver this day ( we were really trying to qualify another team) so this match is not the full capability of our robot
  3. No, it is a simple ramp with a gate that we stick match loads on. In this picture, our controller is siting on it
  4. Yes
  5. I have yet to see it happen]( - driving practice)

Thanks but, I’m not the engineering notebook person so I don’t have very many on me. I’ll try to get some more

Since this picture, we have redone the wiring and replaced a lot of the metal on the ramp with polycarb. Oh yeah, his name is Barricade

This robot was really annoying (in a good way) when we were competing against you guys at NOVA. :slight_smile:

Did you have the pneumatic outriggers then? (I was wondering why our robot couldn’t push it…)



No, outriggers were post-NOVA. Back then it was just heavy (all steel)

I like your scissor-expansion! Have you found it to be more sturdy than sliders or flip-down extensions?

We never tried linear slides actually, this was built long before those became popular, we actually adapted this from our original offensive design. Flip down extensions don’t help all that much - since the wheels aren’t on the outside, the extensions would act as levers for other bots to push against.


I really like the extending mechanism.

If you switched to holonomic, could you open the chassis without using the scissor motors?

My thoughts exactly. Especially because Im pretty sure this robot has an H-drive already.

And also, can’t you guys drive over objects? I seem to remember your robot doing that.

holonomic drive is a pain to set up

  1. why dont you just put mecanums on it
  2. how wide (kinda curious)
  3. do u ever have trouble with the objects not rollering down the ramp

all in all great original robot which isnt something most of us see very often

BWAHAHAHA! I love it! Never really liked wall bots due to the need for a competent alliance partner and that doubler/negater barrels can just be passed over you, but you have done a fine job here sir and I have no doubt you will always win so long as the interaction robot is foolish enough to get trapped in their isolation zone! (Not that he has much choice) Good luck at worlds!

Wow, thanks for all the comments

It’s already holonomic … Using the scissor lift makes it so that other teams can’t ram us in autonomous and prevent us from expanding

It does have an H-drive
We try to avoid driving over game objects ( we have standoffs sticking down beneath it) since that would give the other alliance game objects back

  1. With the way this drive is set up, mecanums would make it less stable. Also, this was set up and working before mecanums came out (our driver was used to it too) so we just preferred not to change it
  2. wide enough so that a robot cannot get by on either side
  3. very rarely, if we do we just strafe into the goal


No can see… I think it’s a protected gmail attachment.


Yeah, it is and my computer saves it as a .png … even when I make it a .JPG, vex gallery won’t let me upload the picture

I just found another video of it
This at the same competition so not the normal driver and the person handling autonomous was different so it didn’t do what it should have but overall we did what we wanted to. This video also demonstrates us using the outriggers ( when the ACME team tried to push us).

The only reason we let either of the other robots by us was because on of the refs started to count for pinning

Can you get the whole wall in autonomous now?