Team 21 Gateway

Hey guys I know this is a little late, but I thought some people would be interested in seeing team 21C’s gateway robot. It has some unique design twists on the “nz” style, including a pneumatic supported six bar and a pneumatic intake. We hit a run of bad luck at worlds (late to a match facepalm) and dropped from 3rd to 10th with three qualifiers left and got picked by the 7th seed which was unfortunately not so good. We carried our alliances to the division semis. Ask if you have any questions.

I will be posting pics soon.

Before this goes anywhere, congratulations to the Spur Flys on a fantastic season. You are always fierce competitiors, formidable opponents, and impressive engineers, and yet you guys continue to be pretty cool people to be around every time we’re at a tournament.
I look forward to seeing the robot design! :smiley:

That intake is awesome, fastest score I’ve ever seen.

Does “pneumatic supported six bar” mean pneumatics were used to assist the lift motors?

You guys had the pneumatics that acted like a mechanical clutch. My team was very impressed with you ingenuity. Good job guys.

Only thing I can think of that would be defined as pneumatic supported six bar is some sort of lock to take the strain off the motors when the arm was staying at the same height for an extended period of time.

yeah the pneumatics were used to assist the motors relieving strain and increasing speed, where the pistons took enough weight off of the motors so only a little bit of force was enough to move the arm. This also eliminated backdrive and motors being stripped, making driving it easy and saving motors and time. I will post pics as soon as I can compile them from various team members.

we are always amazed to see the amazing things 21 does with pneumatics. really was impressed with this robot and im looking forward to your guys sack attack bot.

I was really impressed by your robot at worlds. The pneumatic actuator on your intake was stunning.

Though, not trying to get nit picky, but I feel really bad for the people that decided to select you as their alliance partner. Those people worked very hard to get up into the seventh position in their respective division and they thought you had the best robot available so they picked you. I understand you made a few mistakes which dropped you in ranking but in my opinion I would be grateful to be picked by someone that thought I was good, not, for lack of better words, trash them and deem them not deserving of their position they were in to select you to move on in this great opportunity to have fun and experience science and technology.

I completely understand why they chose us and I don’t blame them, but our team was striving for the best of the best, and that’s the only way you can win. And to be honest the team that picked us wasn’t the most gracious or kind to us in the final matches. They weren’t good alliance partners not because their robot wasn’t good enough but because they refused to work as a team and collaborate, which is an essential part in a good alliance (especially in the finals)…Props to our other alliance partners for coming through in those last matches though, they were great.

Hey here are the pics. The pneumatic supported six bar and pneumatic intake are on the 2nd page.

these ones are mostly the pneumatic parts.

photo-11 - pneumatic supported six bar. Pistons are attached to the gears.

photo -9 - pneumatic intake open.

photo-8 - pneumatic intake closed.

note: the elastics in the pics were only needed when the pistons weren’t pumped while programming and such.

This is a great example of how a team can make a design better rather than just copying it. You managed to make the NZ design even more efficient. I love the integration of the pneumatics to assist the motors.

I know I’m late to this party, but the Spur-Flys have always been one of the class acts in VEX robotics. I’m not surprised that they are pushing the tech limits. Nice robot.