Team 21 Toss Up Reveal/Updates

Hello all,
We are currently rebuilding our robot for the bigger competitions coming in the later season, so we thought we would reveal.

This robot was completed at the beginning of August and tuned slightly since then. We have competed in many competitions so far, ranking first or second at most and winning three.

2 motor “magic intake”
2 motor arm 5:1
6 motor, 6 wheel chassis (speed setting)
2 piston backwards catapult

The catapult can throw the big balls from the high zone to the hanging zone, but not the other way around.

A mash up of random videos put together quickly can be seen here:

and a video of a match can be seen here:

I am making my other YouTube videos public now as well, so feel free to take a look at those if you would like.

Feel free to ask any questions that you have.

Your catapult’s ability to stash is very impressive!
What is the gearing on your intake (high torque or high speed mode)?
Any plans to hang?

The intakes are set to speed. Yes, our new robot is able to hang.

Hooray! We’re going to see a lot more magic intakes now, albeit most won’t be tuned very well.

My catapult fail at the end of that match is so embarassing…

Very nice robot! I’m wondering, are there any other benefits of a 6 motor drive versus a 4 motor drive besides speed? I see so many teams with 6 motor drive nowadays, but we have 4 and do just fine.

6 motor drives have much more pushing power. Teams use 6 motor drives because they don’t have anywhere else to put their motors.

Our drive was very consistent. We could easily push most robots and never overheated the drive during a match. This robot was considerably heavier than our new one, and since we did not prioritize hanging, the 2 motors were put to better use on the drive.

Fair enough. I can see the benefits of non-overheating, but pushing robots? Wouldn’t it be better for strategy to focus on scoring/descoring rather than pushing robots? It’s not like you guys have a defensive bot. It’s a very capable scoring machine.

That intake makes me wet?

We found that driving backwards into a robot that is stashing, then raising the arm and scoring our own is a very useful maneuver.

Hmmm… I see your point

I had just come up with that flapper arrangement and was looking forward to seeing how it matched up with the ‘real’ magic intake at SLO. now I just feel really stupid :rolleyes:

Okay I still don’t understand what makes an intake a “magic” intake :rolleyes:

Me neither. I’ve never really heard the term used until now.

It can intake a bucky ball that touches any where on the roller.

That is because only a few teams in our region are familiar with our expressions. Someone started calling it the magic intake because it looks magical when buckies are curving around from the side of the robot to the front.

I love your intake, the magic intake is so effective. You guys look like you do really well in your matches. All you’ve got to do is get the catapult to shoot farther, and maybe find a way to hang.

Is the flap configuration the main reason for the magic intake to work?

Yeah, we have flaps too.

5900J used Flaps! It’s Super Effective!

Okay thanks lol. There was some chatter about them in Bots n Stuff (the skype group, not the website) and Tabor just said it was a side roller, but I thought he was oversimplifying lol

I know mine intake is not magical:p Good job,through I can’t wait till tomorrow when I can get back to school and add my catapult I have been waiting to add all break. We have no pneumatics:(, so I going try two 393 motors and then maybe do a reveal. So wish me luck:D.