Team 2190's Round Up Robot

I’ve posted a photo of my Round Up robot in the gallery.

Here are some specs: (I’ll provide more upon request :))

Drive system:
3-wire motors
One motor per wheel, direct drive
4" traction tires

1st joint: 393 motor with 60:12 (torque) gear ratio
2nd joint: 393 motor with 36:12 (torque) gear ratio
Extension: 393 motor
Rollers: 3-wire motor


Other observations from:

2WD : only rear 4" traction tires are driven, small omni front wheels undriven.
Only 6 motors are listed or visible, same as number of RC channels on PIC.
Low profile front drive train can slide under ladder side bars; (nice!)
Nice center notch to push tubes into position under the pickup.
Extending arm is powered only from one side…

Traction mat is ziptied to HSchain for snout style pickup?
Any tube-removal mechanism?
Any Hanging capability?
Gear pot to select between multiple autonomous routines?
Do you have Feedback pots for arm joint positioning (not visible) ?
Is purpose of side-looking Ultrasound is to be able to drive parallel to walls?
Do you have a “wheelie bar” or something to prevent tipping backwards?
( your 4" rear wheels are not as far back as they could be,
which trades off manueverability++ for backtipping risk-- )

True, same as number of RC channels on the transmitter, but I’m only using four channels (two for driving arcade-style, one for arm control, and one for rollers).
PID loops and other programming control the arm position even in driver-op.

Thanks! There is a limit switch there to detect tubes. I’m going to work on an “auto-loader” system.


Not yet… :frowning:

No, I feel that I can score (with a bit more practice…) more than 20 points in the time it would take me to hang.


Yes, one on each arm. I use these for ease of driver control.

Yes. I’ve already written a PID wall-follower, but haven’t been able to implement it in autonomous yet (I ran out of time before my first tournament (which was this past Saturday)).

I just tried tipping the robot over… it won’t go backwards. It will actually tip forward easier than it will tip backwards. :eek:

There are 13 total sensors (3 light, 2 ultrasonic, 2 limit, 3 encoders, 3 potentiometers).