Team 2211B Robot Skills

Hello! We’re going to the VRC championship in Dallas, and last year we didn’t have much time to go scouting for posible alliances so here’s a video of us in robot skills:

We’re averaging above 120. What’s your best robot skill score?

NOTE: Our coach asked us to hide part of the video for the time being to hide the strategy that we used.

Gustavo - Team 2211B

Team # 44 scored 133 at the New England Championship

I imagine most high scoring robots will be around that area until a robot that can score green balls in the triangles incredibly fast shows up and destroys the competition…

This makes four robots that I’ve heard about this year in the 130+ club.

Last year, 44 was a big, complex, and pretty slow robot (no insult – they won the World Championship). What does it look like this year?

It’s a rather standard dumper that has no intake other than pushing against the wall, but has a 6 motor holonomic drive that lets them go almost ridiculously fast. Admittedly, they can score orange balls quite well in driver skills. But they can’t get balls in the corners very well or if they are right next to the triangles. And they have absolutely no way of stopping a team from locking up green balls and dumping out the orange balls, added to the fact that they can’t actually dump over all of their orange balls if some get stuck in the corner.

They’re definitely good, its just that they’re honestly not as terrifying as they seem once put into a real match, as is most of the high capacity dumpers that dominate in robot skills.

if you dont mind sharing, what was the gear ratio for the dumper?
seems plenty fast
and you had 4 motors running it right?

I’ve seen many robots that are great in robot skills but not that great in normal matches, and robots that are great in normal matches but not that great in robot skills.

Most of the robots that I’ve seen that are good in robot skills are the ones that have large baskets and the ones that can dump many balls at a time, but they may be blocked easily.

It has 5 motors, it has the 36-tooth gears on the motors and 60-tooth gears on the arm.

5 motors dedicated to the arm!
that is one POWERFUL arm you got there
we dedicate our motors to the drive :smiley:
and btw is it driven by one driver or two?
im guessing one
and if i see you at worlds, ill tell you a “secret” that can gain at least 5 more secs if you are a pro driver

Yeah it’s a very powerful arm, my mentor knows that better than anyone else(The robot broke the the first of Issac Asimov’s laws, he was the victim.).
It’s only driven by one driver, can’t wait to know the “secret”!:smiley:

Unofficially? More than 133.

We’ve got a route that we’re not willing to share either. We’ll see at worlds, though.

tba, at the finals video at bcit
were your batteries dead?
because it looked a bit slow for me
or you guys practice ALOT and get every ball perfectly without screwups

Our bot at BCIT was geared 6:5 with chain.

In New zealand I have see 140+

Didn’t you say that it uses 6 motor holonomic? + this 5 motor, that robot would be illegal. Are you sure you’re not mis counting? the limit is 10 motors if I remember.

EDIT: woops never mind I missread.

Here is a video that shows team #44’s robot:

The pop-out front wheels are by far the coolest thing in that design. Very imaginative.

Yes it is, you can see them preform a bit better in this video:

Interesting, they added the ability to score in the triangles after we gave them a good reason too…

Expect them to get over 140 in driver skills if they can be as fast as they were before that revision of their robot.

Or it just might be a coincidence, especially we’re talking about 44 (5 tournament wins, 56-3-0 this season). As an outsider, I could tell they were close to scoring in the 18" goals with their January design - I’m sure their students realized it some time before.

well it wasn’t a coincidence because we pulled a score green ball dump out strategy in the new England competition a little while ago. the first match of the semi finals our battery fell out and we couldn’t really move then we won our second match but in the last round our battery was dieing or something in a u unexplainable way and lost by 10 points, more or less they realized that only being able to score foot balls was a weakness for green ball dump out strategies.