Team 2243 Robot Reveal

Hello, my name is Diego Huyke from team 2243, located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We’ve been in competing in robotics for various years now, but this is our first ever robot reveal. This robot is our rookie middle schooler’s robot, sort of finished last week and now revealed on the forums.

The robot possesses a free-mounted intake system, which loads the balls and barrels into the basket. The basket runs with two tank treads underneath so as to allow the balls and barrels to be pushed out when the arm is raised. This is because the basket is only controlled by two 393 motors, the angle changes. Perhaps the most interesting part of the robot should be the short cut c-channels, laced with zip ties in order to create sort of a snake; it adjusts for any shape taken into the basket.

Motor distribution & other technical information

Drivetrain: 4 large omni wheels controlled by 4 269 motors on a 3:5 gear ratio

Basket: The basket is controlled by 2 393 motors mounted on the same shaft for extra strength. Connected to the arm at a 1:5 ratio.

Tank treads: 2 393 motors for lots of strength when barrels move in. (Using 3-wire motors, the tank treads would get stuck.)

Intake: controlled by a simple 3 wire motor.

I don’t have any videos shot so far, but I hope to be able to get some nice footage and post it here, as well as any other changes to the robot.

Please reply with any questions, comments, or anything else of interest!

The cut C-channel snake is indeed pretty nice. Looks like a great robot :slight_smile:

I agree about that comment regarding the C-Channel. I also like the spring loaded chute and the large intake. Is the size of the wheel base a problem (tipping?). Looks robust.

Very nice robot design! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

We do experience some tipping when the basket is full an we quickly raise the arm. We placed standoffs in the back of the robot to ensure the actual tipping of the robot doesn’t occur, it solved the problem.

does the drive base always work effectively. Does the 5:3 ratio on the drive go to fast for 4 269 motors, like does it stall, or did you or have you had any issues with your drive stalling?:confused:

The motors on the drivetrain tend to overheat only after a furious five minute run. Letting the robot cool down for a minute allows it run smooth again for another five minutes. We believe that while this isn’t great, it doesn’t matter because we never expect to compete for five minutes straight, not even in the finals where between the 2:20 matches we experience at least a minute or two between matches.

we are doing the same 5 to 3 gear ratio and we have the motors over heat after about 30 seconds of driving i was wondering if you could weigh you robot so we could have a comparision

This looks really solid. does it intake game peices quickly and consistently?

How did you get clean cuts on the c-channel?

Use a saw?

When I use a saw to cut something it always comes out with sharp edges. Is there a special technique to getting metal nice and smooth like the one in the photo?

We sand ours after cutting.

use a saw and then file the ends

When we want a clean cut on something, we use a bandsaw to make the cut nice and straight, then a bench grinder to round off the edges.

A really good cutter + a really good sander.

For me, a dremel for cutting, and a dremel for sanding.

yeah, i either use a bandsaw and a dremel for getting a straight cut and sand it afterwards.

Our team uses a horizontal band saw to cut aluminum and a wire wheel to polish it up.