Team 24 S^3 CAD Library Inventor 2013

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But seriously Guys download this, He has been working really hard on his library since I’m pretty sure I even released mine. He took the time to go into some insane detail here guys, I highly recommend it.

  • Andrew

Love the library and iMates. Great job!

First, should we post additional parts to the wiki or send to Jordan? (using .5" bolts, 45 degree gussets, etc)

Second, I have a question on cut parts and iMates that I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this.

When you cut a part, the iMates on the cut part seem to stick around.

  1. Open up a 1x5x1 by 35 hole C channel
  2. make a plane and cut the part to about 10 holes long. Doesn’t matter where, just have a good section cut off to see what I mean
  3. look at all the iMates in the vapor of what used to be part of the part
  4. now you can join your cut part to vapor! I wish it really worked like that. :slight_smile:

So for every special length either we just deal with the extra iMates floating out there or as we save off the cut part we get rid of the spliced off iMates one by one on the list on the left. Cut parts to popular lengths with reduced iMates might be a good subdirectory to share as well.

Lastly, should we rename the iMates in each part so they order themselves along the length of the piece? That’d make for easier bulk selection and deletion. Yuck!

Thanks! I’m about to add the rest of the metal parts I’ve finished to the library, and also update all the rest of them. (Hopefully the last update – I’ve changed the materials just a bit for both the steel and aluminum parts.) I just have to finish up the last few 1/4" Pitch Metal parts.

Yes, it is rather annoying that they stick around, but also yes, as I said in the thread I made in the General forum, I am planning on adding popular-length cut parts to the library:

So, hopefully I’ll have those added sometime soon. I’m currently thinking about adding the screws/nuts next, however.

Thank you for the post! :slight_smile: