Team 240P Late Season Reveal: "High Quality"

Those 2 shots are so clean . Excellent job. I hope i get to see your robot at worlds!

Yep, NZ has banned V5, basically because they could guarantee it’s availability to all teams. Given the mess up with distribution and the issues of V5 it was a very good call. We made the switch and have killed 1 cortex so far and 3 motors.

Fantasic work in the NZ finals, undefeated along with SymbOHSis and into the final, still waiting for RobotEvents to update with the final score, but you’re looking awesome.

That’s a familiar story lol.
We’ve killed 2 motors, 1 remote, 3 RJ11 ports, all 3pin ports on one brain, and 3 batteries.

Can’t tell whether we are just really bad at using things or just v5 being terrible in terms of quality.

It’s definitely V5. The firmware on the motors doesn’t stop them from blowing themselves out when they get too hot. If they get to temperature level 4, they’ll just blow out. It’s pretty great.

Anyhow, congrats to 240P! National champs from NZ have been known to kick some serious butt at worlds :eyes:

Lossless will be a puncher calling it right now

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Hey all,

To update everyone here, Nationals were held last week. We went undefeated through our qualifications, seeding 1st by 1 sp above 2900A, who we later Allianced and winning nationals with.

Most of our matches from Nationals have been posted, we were unable to get any from day 2 as the stream got copyright Struck. It will soon be back up and the rest of the matches including finals will be uploaded on our channel.

I briefly want to talk about Our design process for High quality. It was Caded over a course of a few months. 240P is located in different parts of the city and only meet up once per week. Due to this it made sense for us to cad the robot during the week and build during the weekend. The use of cad allowed use to test multiple designs and use our precious time during the build sessions to build. With cad we were also able to make custom polycarbonate pieces for the robot, this I am very passionate about. With this, we created many renders of the robot and technical drawings of the polycarbonate pieces that I would like to share.

drive%20only encoder%20wheel
Cap%20Flipper%20Covers Cortex%20Cover sheet unknown%20(2)

I am very proud of these and thought it would be great to share them,



Excellent job! I am amazed how well you guys perform, especially considering your meeting situation. Extremely impressive! I’d love to know what program you use, looks like inventor to me maybe?

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That tracking wheel looks fantastic. However, I have to ask how the axel was supported on the side closest to the camera. I don’t see a bearing flat, nor anywhere to put shaft collars but on the outside. I’m designing my own tracking wheel right now, and I haven’t quite been able to get it this thin yet. (I totally forgot that type of omni-wheel existed. I’ve been sawing mine in half. :P) I might have to try playing around with something similar. :​)


Wait… Cortex OP!!! jk, we legit made it to state using only cortex and did a two day rebuild a week before our last comp and made state w/ it. and then got screwed over w/ match schedule… but thats how it be

Ummm… no hate bc you kinda rite but 574C?

I’m amazed by the detail and effort that went into your CAD. I have a question, though. How did you bend the polycarb as well as cut it?

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Probably cut it first, then bent it.

I think they mentioned somewhere that they cut their polycarb with tin snips or something of the sort.

Rahul cuts with tin snips, then usually uses a heat gun to aid bends. Or sometimes uses Jo’s oven then leaves it on for hours at 300 degrees celsius.


That was once pls. And it was half an hour.


i had a question about your tracking wheel mechanism, so the way you did it where do the rubber bands go (if there are any) and also isnt there supposed to be a bearing on the side closest to the camera for support? @proto

Please and Thankyou

We used an oven last year to bend it around mobile goals and get great passive cone intakes. lol

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