Team 240P Mid Season Reveal: "Medium Quality"

Team 240P are proud to present our second robot “Medium Quality”


  • 6m 1:1 Turbo 4" Bling Drive
  • 2m 1:7 Speed Catapult
  • 1m 1:1 Torque Cap Flipper
  • 1m 3:1 Speed Intake

For our second robot, we decided to focus on quickly and effectively scoring flags due to the high score potential with this strategy. We moved away from scoring caps on poles as the points gained simply aren’t worth it considering the time taken to score, and how easy it is to descore. We learned a lot through this robot by testing multiple different launcher designs throughout the lifespan of Medium Quality. We look forward to further refinements with our next Turning Point robot.

Medium Quality is no more….
High Quality Coming Soon

A close range 2-ball catapult. Nice!

Btw… what’s a bling drive?

The center wheels on the drive train are locked omnis.

Oh… ok.
Sorry… didn’t know that’s call a bling drive.

Very elegant and effective build… im a fan!

Noticed your drive had 4 unpowered wheels covered in anti-slip mats, out of curiosity, how well do they aid in climbing the centre platform (and why were the front two removed in some matches?)


The only feedback I have is to maybe widen your intake. The combo of the really solid ground flipper / wedges and the close range double catapult makes your cycle time for both game objects and your parking insane. Combined with your 14 point front auton… this is the closest robot I’ve seen to unbeatable all season. I’m stoked to compete against high quality at worlds, keep it up!

What are you going to name your 4th robot?

Suggestion: 4K Ultra HD With Surround Sound

I’m guessing this Capture.PNG is to hold the catapult for your autonomous run only as you dont have a ratchet


Why did you only put screws in some of the omni rollers?

So at 1:05 you guys have a closeup of your intake loading the two balls. I presume that the idea is that the second ball knocks the first ball from the outer nest into the inner nest. How accurate is this system of loading, especially when driving around?

My team also did a setup like this. by putting screws in the center wheels, they become extremely hard to push from the side, like traction wheels. however, traction wheels are smaller than omni wheels so a setup with omnis on the outside and a traction on the center could result in the traction not touching the ground at all. when you turn in place, the outer wheels have a much larger turning radius and therefore the rollers need to move to efficiently turn. the center wheels, however, has a much smaller turning radius and so the roller don’t need to move when turning.

That auton, is certainly something to fear, 14 point by one robot alone in 15 seconds, that’s almost a point a second. I would love to know how reliable that is. You can see the work that has gone into that robot. It looks great ~love 400B

We call them guide wheels and they significantly help with parking. We can’t park without them on the robot. The reason that the number of guide wheels changes is simply that we competed with the robot over a few competitions and the match videos are all from different times when the robot was in a slightly different configuration. We removed two of the guide wheels at one point because we just didn’t want to park in that direction as it isn’t actually the front of the robot. The front of the robot is in the direction of the cap flipper and the way the catapult fires, not the direction of the intake.

Yep, those hooks are for holding the catapult down so we can fire instantly in autonomous. For our omni rollers if you’re wondering why we don’t have screws in all of the rollers it’s simply because they occasionally fall out and we’re far too lazy to consistently replace them. If you’re asking why only our center wheels have screws in them it’s so we can still turn well. Having bling wheels on the front or back of your drive screws with the point your robot turns around (and makes turning worse in general).

That system of intaking did work pretty well overall. It takes a lot of work to tune and get it working well, but when it does it tends to be very reliable. We don’t really have trouble intaking while driving around, it’s a pretty consistent method (Once you get it working good).

I guess you’ll see next year…

Just a random note, if you guys get v5 and want to avoid locked omnis, what we do is we have a button that sets all of our drive motors brake type to hold and stops then, it works great for holding the center platform. Great robot though.

Yeah, that looks like a really good option for teams with V5. However, the main purpose of our locked omnis is to prevent us being pushed sideways when under defense. With a normal drivetrain no motor brake can prevent this

+1 It’s the coefficient of friction between the wheel and the platform. But, the brake does help. Just not when the wheel isn’t turning, but the robot is moving.

very nice robot, just got wrecked at a comp by a very similar one, planning on making one like this myself next week.

You never feel happy!

At the 1:00 mark you guys show a one ball shot. How far was the distance of that shot compared to your two ball range?

Is there a CAD file for your robot?