Team 2438's First Competition Robot

Hey All,

Here are some pictures of Team 2438’s first design.

Our robot uses a simple roller intake to sweep objects into its storage system. The storage system is one conveyor belt with the medium sized paddles combined with a polycarbonate roof to move and store objects.

Lift gearing is 5:1 using 4 of the 3 wire motors.
Drive gearing is 1:1 using 4 393 2 wire motors using the high-speed option.
The robot’s object capacity is 4.
According to a scale, weight is roughly 14lbs.

There are videos on Youtube of this robot posted by McKinley Robotics. Thanks to them for hosting Vexhibition as well!

Enjoy, and good luck to everyone else on their seasons.](

after watching the videos i realized wow this gameplay is very fast! also great robot!

Yeah, I would totally agree that the gameplay is very fast paced. There were many good robots at McKinley and that certainly made it more exciting. I saw a lot of ideas that were discussed on VEXforum prior to the tournament or were carried over from last year as well.

And thanks for the compliment!

Today i think like all the best teams decided to post their robot designs. Your robot i liked in particular, because of the way it could easily collect the game objects using a collector from a top the tube. Team 24C used this design but there collector was not as effective as yours. I mean you guys already qualifyed to worlds so i guess i would work on getting more teams qualifyed now.

Thanks for the compliment! We certainly drew inspiration from 24’s design. And to their credit, Team 24’s CAD library is awesome too. Just saying.

Anyway, we didn’t actually qualify for Worlds. At this particular tournament, only the Excellence award winner, 4109 and their fast clawbot, earned a slot. Their driver was very skillful and posted good scores for both skills challenges, was first seed after qualifications, and made it to finals. So they totally deserve it.

so your telling me that only like 18 teams went to this event. If you looked at this final you would think there was 50 teams at this event… All the teams in the finals were really good, even the second picks were good… Our team is going to try to go to the Pan Pacific Games but im not a 100% sure. :smiley:

Yeah! McKinley Vexhibition was intense! And yes there were only 18 teams.

For everyone, we have 5 new Gateway videos up. They’re mostly qualification matches, but I think one of them is an elimination match. They are however, mostly focused on our robot, sorry about that.