Team 254 - New Youtube Channel

Before heading off to college, I wanted to release all the footage we’ve accumulated in the 24 VEX tournaments our team has attended since 2007 (22 of which I went to :eek:). So for the past week, I’ve been uploading matches to the Poofs’ new Youtube channel (vrc254) along with team numbers and match scores if I could find them.

There are nearly 300 videos there, and although some were not recorded by us (the original uploaders are credited), a large percentage consists of previously-unreleased footage.

From FTC Season 2008 (Quad Quandary):

  • NorCal
  • Vegas
  • World Championship (Atlanta)
    From VRC Season 2009 (Elevation):
  • Tempest 'N Tampa
  • Pan-Pacific Championship
  • Bellarmine
  • San Ramon
  • World Championship (Dallas)
  • NCRI
    From VRC Season 2010 (Clean Sweep):
  • Beach Cities/SMI
  • Bellarmine
  • Fairfield/Robovikes
  • All-Star Challenge
  • Pan-Pacific Championship
  • San Ramon
  • Massachusetts State Championship
  • OCRL/SMI/Costa Mesa
  • Independence
  • Central Valley II
  • RAPSA/San Diego
  • Championship of the Americas
  • World Championship (Dallas)

In addition, we have accumulated all Poof Design Challenge entries as well as a few videos documenting particular robots. Our Scouting team has plenty of media from other tournaments as well, but we don’t upload videos unless a 254 robot was at the competition.

It is our goal to inspire other teams’ future designs, but we try to avoid influencing their current robots. As such, we will never upload media pertaining to the current season’s challenge, not even about non-Poof robots.

Between 2010 254A and Z, I have several GB worth of media we recorded for our engineering notebooks - if I have time, I’ll try to compile them and post the videos in the “Robot” playlist. For now, hopefully the 2008 FTC videos will provide some inspiration for the upcoming Round-Up robots.

Captain 2008-2010

What a gold mine. Thanks a million man.


You should be cautious about using words like “never” if you plan to head off to college soon. 2-3 years from now the team’s membership will have evolved significantly. Even 6-9 months from now attitudes may have changed.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do; and thanks for all the history,

Yes, a treasure trove, indeed!

I agree with the philosophy of sharing previous seasons’ but not current seasons’ designs. I think students learn so much more when they’re shown tools that they have to select, modify and adapt to a new game, rather than ones that they can just “copy and paste.”

Very well said. I completely agree. There is quite a bit to learn from previous games that can easily be adapted to newer games. For example QQ is very similar to Round Up and we have seen that some mechanisms and strategies used in QQ can be scaled up to work with Round Up.


Hi I was just wondering if you had anymore videos in the science division. IF possible I would like to see the matches my team were with or against 254. In one match we were alliances with 254E and against 254Z in another. IF both matches can be posted then that would be wonderful. I am on 803b i mean was on 803b since now I am in highschool. Mahalo

These are great. That must have taken hours to upload. Thanks John.

Thanks for the uploading all of these great videos.

NASA RAP just contacted me (oops, too late - but I forwarded the email to 254’s current leaders) to say they are interested in splicing and posting the rest of their webcasts. I don’t have details, but if they intend on publicizing all their material, it would include the entirety of:
09 Championship of the Americas
09 World Championships
10 All-Star Challenge
10 Pan-Pacific
10 Championship of the Americas
10 World Championships

Typically, RAP posts the links on their website as several giant feeds, but hopefully they will consent to 254 posting individual matches on its youtube channel as well.

And thanks to your Team 1000, Varun - y’all provided a fair chunk of the NorCal videos.

So is that a no?

I really hope NASA does post the 2009 Pan Pacific webcast…I want to archive our team’s Think Award achievement :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a yes once NASA hands over the footage.