Team 254B World Championship Robot Reveal

With everyone revealing their robots I simply could not resist! :slight_smile:

First and foremost, I would like to give credit where credit is due. So to the New Zealand teams who pioneered that intake which has been so effective, a tremendous thank you. It has certainly stepped up the level of competition at many Vex Tournaments around the world.

That being said, we on 254B are incredibly proud of all our robots this 2011-2012 season especially this world championship bot. It is based off of the proven and effective “NZ style” design with a couple major improvements and many minor ones.

13 lbs, ~18H”×17.8W”×16L”
4 IME’s (2 on arm, 2 on drive), 1 potentiometer for autonomous selection, 1 arm resetting bumper switch
4 393 High Speed motor drive, top speed 2.7 fps
4 269 motor arm, 7:1 gearing
Intake roller intakes at 166rpm
Pivoting pneumatic powered intake
Ideal object capacity of 5; normal capacity of 4

and without further ado, pictures and video:

(Sorry for the poor quality video editing it is just a montage of old footage)
Some quick notes on the video: These driving sessions were run without any of our competition operator-auto code. Hardware changes have been made to improve the intake. This was the driver’s first day with the robot.

I hope you enjoyed! Stop by our pit to see the complete robot with all the hidden bells and whistles. We’ll see you all at worlds!

More HD content to come

its been a while since i heard from 254!
great job guys!
i really like the pneumatic “ramp-angle-changer”
how many strokes before you run out of air?
have you EVER run out of air in a typical 2-min match?
do you guys like iso or interac zone more?

and is 254A doing any fence hoppin? :wink:

We typically run out of air in about 5 minutes. The pressure regulator helps to give us about 40 strokes before we see any sort of weakening power in the pistons. Short Answer: no problem at all.

can you please answer these 2 questions?

Nice work. Very unique

Very nice, I like the variable slope. Any reason you used pneumatics instead of a not-so-parallel lift like 8059?

really nice machine, execution and quality is going to be more important than unique designs this year. The Cheesy Poofs know all about execution and will find their way to the elimination rounds of worlds.

Good Luck

I really like the variable angle on the ramp, it’s a great feature that really sets you apart from other efficiency designs. The one problem I see with it is the decrease in capacity, but even that is not the most important feature of a robot and the capacity you have now is definitely sufficient.

Do you plan to do robot or programming skills at the World Championship? The robot seems to have a little bit of a problem with picking up stacks (knocking them over as you intake).

Great robot overall! Good luck at Worlds.

We really do well in both Interaction and Isolation zone but have more experience in interaction zone

254A will not be jumping over any fences this year.

Not so Parallel lifts definitely have their uses, but the pneumatics allow a bit more control over outaking which allowed us to widen the distance between the intake rollers. Because of this wider distance, game objects can be vacuumed up a bit more effectively. If the ramp was always tilted at certain heights, objects (like a doubler barrel) could fall out. In order to compensate we would need to move the rollers closer together but this would also require we gear them down which would mean back to 1:1.

As far as capacity goes, I have only ever seen a team intake five pieces once during a match once. Furthermore, the five preloads option is more than enough for our 20 second autonomous routine.

We do plan on attempting the skills challenges but this robot was not designed with that in mind. That being said, with the addition of a “subsystem” the machine has no issues with stacks. Nevertheless this robot can intake 8 game objects and our driver has been able to score them all (but it certainly takes more time than we’d like)

Another reason for not doing the not-quite-parallel lift is that on the extremes of the lift (all the way up and down), the change in angle is very dramatic, while in the mid-ranges you’re not getting a lot of change. This drastically limits the (conveniently) usable range of your lift.
That’s the reason why we (254D) at least decided to go with the pneumatics, although you’ll see in our reveal that we didn’t actually keep them.

anyone else thinking of their robot from 2 years ago
similar lift as everyone but piston to change angle/ launch objects

Very good observation. The robots drivebase was modeled off that very same robot (with major changes of course). However the original design is heavily based off a 2009 robot designed for worlds but never seen because we did not have pneumatics at the time.