Team 254's T-Shirt Cannon

Team 254 prouldy presents Shockwave, our t-shirt shooting robot. The robot was built from August to October 2010. Team 254 plans to use Shockwave to promote the team, our school, our sponsors and our community.

Shockwave features a ten-barrel revolver with gatling action, automatic barrel indexing and motorized adjustable pitch. The robot drives at 12+ feet per second and can shoot projectiles over 150 yards. The control system is made up of VEX and VEX Pro parts.

Visit our team website for additional information, technical specifications, photos and videos. Be sure to check out the videos page to see the robot shoot 3+ shoots per second.

It is so beautiful. Great work. The pictures look like rendered CAD models, the robot is so cleanly built. I will have to take a break from this thing and process before i can figure out how to put my feelings into words…