Team 2919M Impulse - Robot Reveal - "Momentum"

Hi Everyone,

As the season is progressing into the now mid/late season and we are continuing to redesign and rebuild, we’ve decided it is time to reveal our early season Skyrise Robot “Momentum” which is now decommissioned.

Robot Reveal - Momentum

Robot Achievements:

  • 2x Tournament Champion
  • 3x Tournament Finalist
  • 1x Design Award


  • 4 Motor Expanding X-Drive (Torque Internal Motor Gearing)
  • 4 Motor 11.7 : 1 Reverse Double 4 Bar Lift
  • 2 Motor Conveyor Intake (2 Capacity)
  • Passive Skyrise Intake

It is to be noted this robot was a prototype design being early season and was used to test whether the entire design concept would work. At this point we are now redesigning and rebuilding with the knowledge gained from this robot.

Okay… check this out, we’ve got a high quality early season reveal!

Probably the happiest reveal video of all.

Have to say that it is very impressive. The part that amazed me the most is the driving. With such a system, the driver is able to score that fast and never get the cube stuck on the top? Something amazing there. I guess we need more practice.

The lift is a little bit unstable to me, but you guys seem to deal with it fine.

Great robot, great team.

Plus: do you plan to change the capacity to 3? We started off aiming at 3 but are fine dealing with 2. The cubes are just too heavy…

Thanks for the appraise! I suppose you could indeed say it’s a pretty happy reveal video :stuck_out_tongue:

For driving, it’s just as you say practice. I won’t lie, I’m not the best driver out there at all, but having constant practice with my robot and, (as we do in NZ) with constant scrimmages over the season it allows a great deal of practice!

The lift was slightly unstable yes, more so with the skyrise claw on as you probably saw, but we worked with it :smiley: The next design will be much more stable.

Thank you for the kind words, and yes we’re designing the new intake with 3 cube capacity but will usually pick up 2 at a time.

Also I forgot to mention! If anyone has questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Just no questions of our new robot design :wink: That’ll stay secret.

Marco hasn’t been 100% honest here, this is his mid season robot, built upon this true early season robot :stuck_out_tongue: (look away if squeamish around unstable lifts…)

As for his driving, I’m not going to make any comment…

Jokes aside, like many New Zealand teams, he’s still got a lot of work to do, but has already come up with a competent robot for the game. Having driven it myself, he’s onto a good thing and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity we get to meet up and see how things have progressed :cool: #Banter

Great to see this robot revealed Marco!
This robot was formidable and very good, it was fun to compete both with and against. I can’t wait to see a bit more of what your next robot is going to be like ;), and what it will bring to the field. Best of luck for it!

Since the reveal used this video, here is Final no. 2 of Auckland Ladder Scrimmage no. 6 from a while back, which this 2919M and their partner deservedly won.

How dare you undermine Griffin’s position as the Official American Representative in New Zealand Robotics by adding an “un” to the beginning of it. Haha, just kidding Marco. <3

I love the intake, the way you drive makes it seem very smooth and perfect, and your lift has much less bending going on than most of the High School double four-bar lifts I have seen so far.

I like the expanding x-drive. The pivots seem very structurally sound and it appears to lock very nicely. What was the main reason for making it expand? Was the robot prone to tipping backward? I can see the double four-bar is rather close to where the wheels would be on a normal x-drive – was that the reason?

Great robot, Marco. If you took this apart and made/are making something even better, it must be pretty awesome.

I apologize but I couldn’t let Griffin get away with it forever! People have to know his position is a lie!

The drive has never had a locking issue and works 100% every time! We designed it to expand as my V.1 robot as Procrastination pls showed everyone had tipping issues and we just wanted to ensure it would never be able to tip even without anti-tips. The lift never got in the way even with the wheels not expanded so no that wasn’t a reason :slight_smile:

Thanks Jordan! In actual fact we’re keeping this robot together as a backup for our team as we have a spare cortex lying around and so the new robot is being built on the side :cool:

Marco, This is an amazing robot!
I really look forward to see your next design, because I know, with this build quality, we will see a truly magnificent robot coming from 2919M!

I like the guy holding the crossbow. :smiley:

Can’t wait to see your new robot.

Thanks Harrison, I can’t wait to see it to! Sadly no one will see it unless you’re from New Zealand or if I manage to qualify for worlds :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not Marco? Also NZ Nationals is [usually] streamed live so perhaps your veil of secrecy will be lifted a little earlier :slight_smile:

I wrote that badly Jason, I meant no one will see anything about it until its finished being built and programmed which will be around nationals time :slight_smile: that will be the time I’ll do another reveal. I just want to show people the new robot when I have sideplates :smiley:

I guess if he wants some tips on secrecy he should talk to you guys… :wink:

Oh you mean it’ll be just like Shaun’s forthcoming design? Finished the night before thus completely secret because there just isn’t any robot to reveal beforehand!

What made you guys want to change the robot? A better design came to mind or were there many flaws to this robot?

I’ll reply for Marco since he has exams at moment. Essentially the major change is due to increasing level of competition here in New Zealand. Without trying to give too much away the new robot will be faster at all aspects of the game. Momentum was a testbed for him to to see what worked well and what didn’t. As you can see from the video there were bits added on to the robot as an afterthought. Since he’s rebuilding it allows him to think through an entire design and integrate these ‘addons’ in a more thought out way.