Team 2931 Reveal

This is just a quick video demonstrating one of the intakes that we built a few days ago

Video Here

Robot specs:

  • 2 motor drive on a protobot chassis with a 1:1 ratio (269)
  • 1 motor lift on a 5:1 (torque) (269)
  • 2 motor Intake (393s set for torque)

**Note: This is not the final and this is going to be heavily modified before being used for Sack Attack, the purpose of the robot was to test how well it could pick up the sacks

Just a few questions about the intake … From which orientations can it pick up the sacks (for example, could you place it on top of a sack and still pull it in? Also, have you tried descoring with it yet and if so, how was it?

Havnt really tested either so not sure

Oh, OK … if you ever do test, please be sure to post the results.

Are those the small black intake rollers? It’s hard to tell from the video.

That’s what it looks like

Yes they are, sorry about the bad video quality the video was filmed on a computers webcam

Is this your competition root or are you guys just testing prototypes? Great concept and I’m glad to see a different design than the rollers or leg wheels that are already so popular this year.

If a design is popular, then it’s probably a good idea. Designing something for the sake of being different is rash. Our new younger team, 7581V, wants to have an intake made of two spirals that will move sacks up and down like a vending machine…

That being said, I think you’ve got a good design! Do you have a trough to test whether it can descore well?

This design hasn’t really been tested descoring and was designed because half of it was allready built and a team member said “we’ll why don’t we add another roller to it” we will probably develop this more, my initial designs have all used the small rollers and i plan to develop them until they work perfectly

True but a lot of teams simply choose a design they find not the internet just becaus try see it work and I feel like it destroys the formation of new possibly good ideas.

Thank you A LOT. I was planning to build a very similar intake and I was afraid it wouldnt work, thanks for proving my theory correct :slight_smile: now i can just start with the super hoarder I will turn my robot into :smiley:

Wow, it actually picks them up a lot better than i would have thought… Good work :slight_smile:

EDIT: That looks like a retired LODR robot… :stuck_out_tongue:

Shhhhhh, but yes it is a LODR robot :p, Fraser put the extra set of suckers on it and it worked well

one question: Is that the best you can do. If you stick with that design, no offence, but you will get crushed. also, no one will pick you for alliance selection. Just think about it

please read the thread before you criticize

He did say:

Honestly I think the intake they prototyped is the best I’ve seen yet. :slight_smile: I would expect a competition robot with it to perform very well. Also he did say it was just a modified “lord of the rings” robot. Nothing comparable to the real version.

Oh, and “no one will pick you for alliance selection” could also mean that they will always be seeded first. :stuck_out_tongue: or at least in the top 8.

EDIT: looks like I was the one ninja’d this time… 1 minute too late.

Thanks, we might do some more development on this intake on thursday (our time) and i will get some better video footage of the robot picking up the sacks

Yeah, clone-bots are kind of annoying (like the Gateway NZ-bot boom). But we thought of using wheel legs almost immediately after the Sack Attack reveal, and their popularity only encourages us to use them.

Your welcome :slight_smile:

And that would be awesome. I’d love to see more footage of it. As I’ve been hoping to use a similar intake on one of my teams robots. Something that’s much smaller than wheel legs and hopefully won’t require unfolding.