Team 323X Website!

Although it has taken forever for me to get around to it, I spent a couple of afternoons this past week throwing together content and heavily editing a template for a website for our team. Please excuse how basic much of the content is, but we specifically geared it towards potential sponsors who have no clue what vex is. We will be significantly adding to it soon :smiley: Thanks!

i like it, very stylish.

good luck with content etc :slight_smile:

Thanks! And I’ve actually been talking to the programmer from 323Z about doing a series of programming tutorials for our resources tab so hopefully… :slight_smile:

brilliant ! good news.

post on the forum when they are, will be a great resource.

For sure. Corey323Z plans to release a series of robotC training videos. They will be posted on our YouTube channel:

Please do this. It would help so much. Not sure what you plan on doing, but I think you should include autonomous using pots, encoders, imes, and maybe pid eventually?

Looking forward to seeing them … maybe do pdf files as handouts ? … so they could be used to teach classes of kids ?

that could be good.


but good luck !

I’m sure he will start with the basics, then move on to programming sensors, and I’m sure he will do PID :wink: He will also talk about his accel/deaccel and his swing turn function he made using.

That is a great idea which I would love to do. I’ll see how my work schedule works out, but hopefully we can do this. That would be awesome!